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In Part I (Iodine and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Part I, May 24, 2011) we looked at evidence from animal studies that iodine is dangerous to the thyroid only when selenium is deficient or in excess, and that optimizing selenium status allows the thyroid to tolerate a wide range of iodine intakes.
If that holds in humans too, we should expect that populations with healthy selenium intakes should see a low incidence of thyroid disease and no effect from iodine intake on the incidence of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr K also cites a rise in Hashimoto’s incidence in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Greece after salt iodinization began. Another study from Brazil [2] measured urinary iodine excretation and serum TPOAb and TgAb antibodies from 39 subjects with Hashimoto’s, none of whom were receiving treatment at the time of the study.
Another study from western Australia (a region that has previously been shown to be iodine replete) measured urinary iodine concentration (UIC) of 98 women at 6 months postpartum and checked their thyroid status both postpartum and 12 years later [23]. In short, the more iodine being excreted (and thus, presumably, the more in the diet and in the body), the less likely were hypothyroid disorders – not only at the time, but also 12 years later.
Iodine and selenium are two extremely important minerals for human health, and are righly emphasized as such in the Perfect Health Diet book and blog. A survey of the literature suggests that Hashimoto’s is largely unaffected by iodine intake. It’s plausible that if iodine were supplemented in this way, then Hashimoto’s patients would experience benefits with little risk of harm. PHD diet and follow PHD book and blog advices to enhance immunity against infections, since infections seems to be implicated in Hashimoto’s pathology [28][29][30]. Our diet is very selenium rich (beef, lamb, seafood, eggs) so I’m concerned about selenium overdose.

I started adding more starch into my diet about 6 months ago after stumbling on your website. I think it’s good to take a low but regular dose of iodine, say 225 mcg per day in supplements plus some seaweed and seafood in your diet. When I first started hacking my Hashimoto's, I had a long list of food sensitivities, and had to cut out all grains, diary, soy, gluten, caffeine, sugar, etc.
A variety of diets have been reported to be helpful in healing autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's. I would bet my last dollar that the issue has stemmed from poor gut function and chronic irritation more than likely from gluten consumption, general grain and dairy consumption (all of which are not part of our ancestors hunter-gather diet.) and increased cortisol and stress hormones. I believe they are fundamental to thyroid health and very important to Hashimoto’s patients.
The effect of iodine restriction on thyroid function in patients with hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
Comparison of urinary bromide levels among people in East Asia, and the effects of dietary intakes of cereals and marine products. Arsenic exposure within the Korean community (United States) based on dietary behavior and arsenic levels in hair, urine, air, and water. I am trying to get a grip on my supplements as I am having difficulty treating the Hashimoto’s naturally.
I would recommend the standard PHD supplements and supplemental foods, and diet, and circadian rhythm strategies.

These diets include a gluten-free diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the GAPS diet, the Paleo diet, the autoimmune paleo diet, the Weston A. You simply eat a diet the same as what the human species has done for millions of years, you move and exercise in the same ways as the human species has done for millions of years and you socially interact and think in ways the human species has for millions of years. I try not to eat sugar or carbs but I have trouble cutting both out of my diet completely so this is supposed to help with regulating blood sugar. In the meantime, make sure to pick up my free thyroid diet guide and thyroid friendly recipes.
I had my routine down to an art and thought nothing of eating a Paleo lifestyle, just as you may be comfortable in your current dietary and lifestyle routine and adopting to a gluten-free lifestyle that is helpful for those with Hashimoto's may seem very daunting.
As many as one in five women may have Hashimoto's, and having someone that has been there will make your life so much better. I began to eat foods high in iodine and this did help me for a while, but it became too difficult to keep that diet up.
Of course, I still eat a really clean Paleo diet because I think it's the healthiest choice, but I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

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