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The Harcombe Diet is a weight loss regimen developed by British obesity researcher Zoe Harcombe. BackgroundHarcombe is a nutritionist with a background in clinical weight management and dieting, though her website states that she has primarily focused on obesity research since the late 1980s. AdvantagesThe Harcombe diet does not involve calorie counting or portion control, so it may be a good choice for dieters who want a weight management program that gives them the liberty to eat as much as they want. DisadvantagesJane Clarke, a leading nutritionist in the United Kingdom, wrote in the Mail Online that diets like the Harcombe diet, which assert the key to weight loss is found in food combining -- never eat carbohydrates with fat, for example -- are not based on scientific fact. My advice would be not to eat artificial sweeteners because this book is all about a) eating naturally and b) getting rid of cravings.

According to Harcombe, the reason for overeating and unwanted weight gain lies in faulty nutrition information.
As a young woman, Harcombe says she had health problems linked to candida, hypoglycemia and multiple food intolerances. During Phase 1, which lasts five days, dieters are instructed to eat nothing more than unprocessed fish, meat or poultry, salad greens, live yogurt, brown rice and any vegetable except for mushrooms and potatoes.
Harcombe's book gives specific, detailed instructions on what foods are allowed in what combinations for each of the plan's three phases. Harcombe claims you can lose as much as 14 pounds in a week by following her eating plan, though you should talk to your doctor before you begin any diet that involves a major change from your regular meal and exercise habits.

All forms of sugar -- including fruit and artificial sweeteners -- milk, flour and processed foods are strictly prohibited. In Phase 2, you can eat a wider range of foods, including milk, cottage cheese and potatoes, but Harcombe instructs you to never eat carbohydrates and fats in the same meal.
During this phase, Harcombe says you can cheat occasionally, as long as you follow her food combining rules.

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