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Now that you’ve mastered ground meat on the fly, check out these ideas for weeknight no-recipe pastas and easy chicken dinners. Here are 22 burger recipes that run the gamut form simple to complex, with representation from around the country, breaking regional borders, and indeed inter-species relations.
Check out the individual recipes below, or click through the slideshow above for a bigger look at the goods.
We love a good, juicy burger, but hamburgers and other burgers can be high in calories and cholesterol.

I hope these recipes help you to stretch your family’s food dollar as well as keep the supper table lively and delicious.
Gotta love a recipe where you throw everything in a pot and come back to supper fifteen minutes later! Next Month I am going to sit down and write down all I need to make all 35 recipes which will be way to much for my daughter and and I so i will freeze the leftovers for the next month and probably the next so I am hoping to get 3 months out of one month of shopping. There was nothing like coming home and smelling the onions bubbling in there with the generous hamburger steak patties and knowing we were in for a hearty and delicious supper.

You can dramatically cut calories in hamburger meat recipes by simply reducing fat content.

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