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Since sprouts are one of the staples in the vegetarian or vegan diet, many people who follow one of these lifestyles find growing alfalfa sprouts to be a cheaper and more convenient option than purchasing them at the store.
As your sprouts begin to grow, they will stick to the sides of the jar and grow to several times their original size, which is absolutely fine. Once you've removed your sprouts from the jar, drain them by leaving them in the colander for a couple hours.

Unfortunately, if you don't grow your sprouts in sanitary conditions you could open yourself up to food poisoning. Before sprouting your seed, soak it in three percent hydrogen peroxide at 140 degrees for five minutes. It's recommended that you don't serve your sprouts to children, the elderly or anyone whose immune system is compromised, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

In all likelihood no one will get sick from eating the sprouts, especially if you sanitize properly, but it's a big concern if you plan to use them commercially or outside of your immediate family.

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