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Add to this impressive list their health benefits: some sprout varieties have been found to contain cancer-fighting agents, reducing the risk of breast and colon cancer. In theory, almost any seed will sprout given the right conditions, but some are better than others for eating in their sprouted state.
Seeds and mixes are available online from sprout and seed companies or at your local health food store.
A few tablespoons to half a cup of seed are all you need to produce ample sprouts for sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.
After your seeds have sprouted, continue to rinse and drain regularly (every 8-12 hours) until sprouts reach the desired length.
Eat fresh or store in the fridge until consumed.В  Most sprouts last 1-2 weeks when kept cool. I have been trying to grow Sprouts in my kitchen window for a long time, but they keep getting ruined. Whether you're new to gardening, a budding homesteader, or a die-hard farmer there's no need to wait for nice weather to grow food crops - grow sprouts!
While the ball jar method is simpler, the reason I like the flat tray method is because for one I like what I'm growing as a decoration in my home and two, I'm weird about plants growing without soil what-so-ever.
One study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in 2004 (and later featured in Time magazine) linked broccoli sprouts to reduced risk of stroke, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In most cases, nature packages seeds with enough energy to germinate and produce two small leaves before requiring inputs from sunlight and soil. Designs range from simple containers with built-in sieves to multi-tiered set-ups for sprouting several varieties at once (or for staggering sprouts of one kind).

Seeds marketed specifically for sprouting are also free of the harmful fungicides and other chemicals that some seed growers use to treat their seeds. Sprouts will double or triple in size, depending on the size of the seed and the variety you are sprouting.
While you can skip this step for a few, lesser-known sprouts, soaking seeds is an important first step for most varieties.
Great idea, I love sprouts and tend to buy them prepackaged in plastic from the local grocer, this is a much better way.
I know that I just pick up a bag of lintels and beans at the grocery store and sprout those. It somehow feels like I'm robbing them of their sprout-right to have their little green toes planted in soil, but I digress.You get a flat tray like the ones from buying bedding plants.
Grown year round and packed with nutrients, sprouts are finished in days and often provide more vitamins and minerals than our favorite vegetables. Another, earlier study from John Hopkins University noted that broccoli sprouts have higher levels of cancer fighting compounds than broccoli heads—up to 100 times higher! Sprouting encourages this transformation on your kitchen counter with water along, and you consume the results. Ensure your seeds are meant for sprouting before you start and choose the seed best suited for your purpose. Keeping things small will ensure you don’t end up with sprouts going bad in your refrigerator. Research suggests that some seed might have been contaminated by fertilizers while growing in the field.

Unhulled sunflower seeds, arugula, Swiss chard and other greens do very well as micro-greens, because the growing medium provides the added nutrients they need to thrive.
But it does tend to remind me that winter can't be far away and let's face it; our produce growing slows down considerably even if not entirely. To ensure that your seed is safe, purchase organic or “pathogen-free” sprouting seed where possible. After trying your hand at sprouting, micro-greens are a great next step to extend both the production and nutrition of your winter greens.
Sprouts are a delicious way to add some crunch to your food along with vitamins, minerals, and protein.
Like any food consumed raw, sprouts may carry a risk of food-borne illness, but this risk is extremely low.
The first and the simplest (admittedly, the most expensive) way is to buy one of those commercial units that are made for starting sprouts. Keep the try out of the sun for now.After about 3 days or so, take off the plastic and newspaper and set your sprout tray in sunny window so they turn green. You can harvest your sprouts for salads, sandwiches, stir-fry, or whatever your little hear desires in about 8-10 days.Sprouts grown and harvested from you kitchen are not only fresher and tastier than from your local grocer, but are quite cost effective. Some seeds rinse easily and some need more aggressive rinsing like lentils.For the first maybe 3 days, you want to keep the jar in a shaded area to give the sprouts a chance to pop up, but around day 4, you'll want to have them produce a little chlorophyll for you by putting them in a sunny window.

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