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In addition to caffeine , scientific studies have shown that catechins , a tea antioxidant (mainly in green tea ) , collaborates to slimming which increases the potential of green tea as an ally in weight loss diets and cleansing diets . Green tea is the most recommended for weight loss because it contains one of the most potent antioxidants known: epigallocatechin gallate . Unlike coffee , green tea diet is recommended because it provides more antioxidants and the same stimulant effects of caffeine, without causing anxiety or nervousness .
Some minerals that tea brings , especially potassium and magnesium, provide diuretic properties that help remove fluids from the body and , therefore , decrease body volume and help eliminate toxins.

People who tolerate the effects of red tea caffeine may also make use of this type of tea for weight loss, because red tea it is a green tea that has been fermented , and , during this process, it has released more caffeine. We recommend taking 1 liter of green tea a day , accompanied by a diet rich in vegetables and physical activity . This component provides very useful aid for weight loss, as well as for poor circulation, and prevents certain types of cancers.
Lipolytic principles are called those who can mobilize extra fat from the body to eliminate it , getting a body fat loss or thinning .

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