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As many of you know, green tea is full of antioxidants, which have the ability to kick the asses of bad free radicals in your body and make them their bitches. Finally, the Diet Snapple Green Tea is healthy because it is Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®. Overall, the Diet Snapple Green Tea isn’t bad for a diet drink, although I can easily taste the Splenda (sucralose) much like how I can easily taste the Scientology whenever I watch a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie. Anyways, this story didn’t really have a point other than my friend might drink urine. Their white teas are actually really good and don’t have all that fake sugar crap in them, if you want something else to try.
In addition to caffeine , scientific studies have shown that catechins , a tea antioxidant (mainly in green tea ) , collaborates to slimming which increases the potential of green tea as an ally in weight loss diets and cleansing diets .

Green tea is the most recommended for weight loss because it contains one of the most potent antioxidants known: epigallocatechin gallate . Unlike coffee , green tea diet is recommended because it provides more antioxidants and the same stimulant effects of caffeine, without causing anxiety or nervousness . Some minerals that tea brings , especially potassium and magnesium, provide diuretic properties that help remove fluids from the body and , therefore , decrease body volume and help eliminate toxins. People who tolerate the effects of red tea caffeine may also make use of this type of tea for weight loss, because red tea it is a green tea that has been fermented , and , during this process, it has released more caffeine. We recommend taking 1 liter of green tea a day , accompanied by a diet rich in vegetables and physical activity . Hurry on over to the Lipton Tea Facebook page and click on the “Tea Mixes” tab to get yourself a free sample of Lipton Tea & Honey!

Print a Buy One, Get One Free Lipton Iced Tea coupon.В  I love this tea!В  Click here to read my review of Lipton Iced Tea.
For our family iced tea is a great alternative to soda in the summer and when you add in an all-natural ingredients list made with real sugar, iced tea looks that much more appealing!

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