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Labor day weekend left me with a refrigerator full of leftovers, including more barbecue chicken than I knew what to do with.
This recipe uses canned beans and corn because I always have some in my pantry, but feel free to swap in fresh.
I love the way a cobb salad looks when serving it for a party, and people can pick and choose which ingredients they do — and do not — want to eat.
Nealey Dozier is a former wedding planner turned chef, culinary instructor, recipe developer, and food writer. And the cannibalized body of that barbecue smoked chicken is the start ofa beautiful grilled chicken salad. This barbecue chicken salad can be served as a stand alone lunch salad,along with some toast or French bread.
The quantities mentioned in this smoked chicken salad recipe should be sufficient to createa great lunch for 3 to 4 persons.
For this chicken salad, Juancho adds a combination of herbs to reinforce the above Standard Salad Dressing. Join us on our tasty and fragrant barbecue adventures and discover the ideal combination of indirect grilling and hot smoking! This website, including but not limited to all of its individual pages, photographs, art, text and information, is meant for your personal use only.
There comes a point in summer when I start getting tired of all the goopy, mayonnaise-thick side salads that are standard fare at every cook-out and picnic. I first tried making this salad with just barbecue sauce by itself, but that was a bit overwhelming.

I've made very few changes to the recipe below — a few tweaks to make instructions clearer or more streamlined. Cook the macaroni in a large amount of salted, boiling water until it is cooked a little beyond al dente. Soaking the red onion in cold water removes some if its bite and makes it more pleasant when served raw in a cold salad like this. Emma is the recipe editor for The Kitchn and a graduate of the Cambridge School for Culinary Arts.
They are filling, fast, and can be modified to suit any preferences, plus they are a great way to use up leftovers. A few days later I chopped it up, tossed it with a splash more sauce, and served it alongside our favorite cobb salad ingredients. On particularly lazy days, I have been known to toss in a dollop of guacamole and a splash of salsa when I didn't have fresh avocado or tomatoes on hand (and might I add there have never been any complaints). For easier serving (but less visual appeal), you can toss the salad with an equal amount ranch and barbecue sauce. Here, we share this spin on a barbecue chicken salad that is loaded with plump grilled chicken, crispy romaine and topped with a variety of fresh ingredients. I wanted something a little different to bring to the table on a recent summer excursion, so I thought we'd perk up a bowl of traditional macaroni salad with barbecue sauce. I found that just a little mayo mixed with the barbecue sauce mellowed it out without tipping the salad into goopy heaviness. Chicken has a tendency to get dry and tough, especially when served cold in a salad like this.

This salad is also a great use for any barbecued chicken you have leftover from previous cook-outs. I give this one two forks up — make it for your next cook-out and I promise the only thing you'll be bringing home is an empty bowl. This version is loaded with zesty barbecue chicken, black beans, and cheddar jack cheese for a Southwestern spin on the American classic. Variations of this salad never cease to satisfy, and whether we use leftover chicken, turkey, or pork, it's always a favorite.
Serve it with your favorite salad dressing: when I'm feeling decadent I mix up barbecue and ranch, and if I want it lighter, a lime vinaigrette is good, too. Taste the salad and add salt, pepper, more mayo, more barbecue sauce, or a splash of cider vinegar to suit your taste. Sour cream or even a whole-milk yogurt would also make great substitutes for the mayo if you're not in the mood. Even a quick half-hour brine makes a big difference, but don't brine it for more than two hours or else the salt breaks down the muscle fibers too much.
It had been a year or two since I last made this salad, and after two bites, I was kicking myself for forgetting about it for so long. The fresh flavors along with the ranch and barbecue drizzle really make this salad a keeper.

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