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Pork with Grapes and TarragonPork with Grapes and TarragonThis dish tastes surprisingly rich for something so low in fat, thanks in part to the tannins in black and red grapes.
Serve some delicious white wine as part of the dinner party menu to blend wonderfully with the light flavor of the fish! From easy crowd-pleasers to more elegant fare, try our gourmet dinner party recipes to impress family and friends.

Ask guests to bring along some of their best fish recipes to share with the rest of the dinner party group, and create conversation between the guests. Create your event on Punchbowl for some excellent fishing invitation templates for your party planning needs.
You can make only one of these recipes, or two, or three… or invent something new based upon these suggestions.

Try simple fish recipes such as almond encrusted salmon, or ask guests for suggested dinner party fish recipes.

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