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Today: An ode to spring's most versatile herb -- and a classic French chicken recipe fit for a Sunday dinner. I then pinch off the first shoots with glee and crush the tender leaves between my thumb and forefinger, staining them with chlorophyll.
This was Sunday dinner at our house yesterday, and the leftovers went to parent-teacher conference day for my kid's teacher's lunch. I have been making chicken and tarragon very close to this recipe for a while now, except instead of heavy cream I stir in creme fraiche at the end. As I develop more recipes for the Paleo diet, I find that my habits have changed when I go out to eat. This elegant yet simple roasted chicken goes great served alongside cauliflower rice or a large salad. Easy to cook and fuss-free, on the platter are 10 exciting recipes with unique textures that are sure to light up your evenings.
A sumptuous chicken biryani cooked with such precision that none of the flavors are allowed to change color. Every day, starting in early April, I descend the back porch steps to that corner in hopes of spotting the first green tips of spring.

It lifts Green Goddess dressing, carries Béarnaise, mellows white wine vinegar, and is the secret ingredient to French fines herbes. It is without question one of my favorite tarragon pairings, and it makes for a classic Sunday dinner fit for any dining room.
When she opened the container and got a whiff I felt we'd finally given her something to make up for being incarcerated in a classroom with our little hellion for three years straight.
I also make a quick version for weekday dinner by pan-frying boneless breast and thigh meat in butter and whole tarragon leaves, deglaze with white wine and chicken stock then stir in cream. Oranges and lemons add a bright citrusy flavor to this roasted chicken, with rosemary and thyme adding their own savory notes. It's even true for the vegetables we're attracted to -- the fleeting cool weather crops that are harvested and eaten before spring has truly begun. These vegetables follow the law of diminishing returns: They vanish before we have time to tire of them -- which is probably why we clamor for them so. And the best feature is that the marinade does all the work – simply let the flavors infuse into the chicken overnight and then throw everything into the oven for a casual, flavorful dinner. With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.

Just tipped my marinaded chicken out of ziploc bag into roasting dish and sprinkled on herbs and seasoning.
Apart from being a very vesatile meat when it comes to cooking, chicken also promises great health benefits. Boneless chunks of chicken lathered with a rich, buttery gravy of cream, tomatoes and spices. I believe chicken breasts could be used instead, but the baking time would be closer to only 40 minutes. Remove the foil, baste the chicken, and bake for another 30 minutes uncovered, until the chicken is cooked through. The skin of the chicken is known to contain the maximum fat; therefore skinned chicken is preferred by many.

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