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Alton Brown on the Good Eats "Live and Let Die" episode where he talks about his weight loss.
Funny how the 28 comments here and NOONE actually tried the sandwich (ok, not all the comments were on the sandwich).
Sure, eating sardicado sandwiches on a regular basis a la Alton (in the Live and Let Die episode he points out they can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner) may turn them nasty really fast, but as an occasional snack or light meal, it's pretty damn tasty.
Since 2008, I've been working with our writers, editors, and community to make Serious Eats a more dynamic and delicious place. Some mornings in the LC offices, there are homemade smoothies sitting atop nearly all of our blogger’s desks.
Mix your oats, almond milk, chia seeds, banana, and vanilla together in a bowl and put it in the fridge overnight.
These minis munchies are a great way to start your day off with protein, and they taste identical to full-sized omelets. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and generously grease the bottoms and sides of your muffin pan to ensure a stick-free removal once the omelets are done baking. Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until you can poke the centers with a knife and it comes out clean (or almost clean).
With these three quick and easy breakfasts in your arsenal, you should be good to go for even the busiest weeks that may come your way!
I was reading through and noticed the instructions to make the green smoothie do not follow what is on the list of ingredients.
I’m excited to try the egg muffins because I love a hot breakfast and it’s healthier than some of the bars or breakfast sandwiches out there!

I never thought about eating cold oatmeal…I guess if you have access to a microwave, you could take off the lid and zap it for a few minutes too. I want to raise my kids to be strong enough—fulfilled enough—to recognize that the cliques and the garbage that comes with being a kid is just temporary. On a recent Good Eats episode called "Live and Let Diet," Brown revealed his little skinny-making secret. Between writing endless articles, staging photo shoots, and crafting the latest DIYs, there is hardly time to sit down for a relaxing meal during the week (thank goodness for the weekends).
The best part is that you can make a whole week’s worth on Sunday night, then refrigerate them and reheat them every morning. Green smoothies, oats, and eggs are my favorite foods to add to my breakfast or even any meal of the day. When I don’t feel like making a smoothie or am missing some ingredients, I grab a special K flatbread breakfast sandwich. Been drinking cow milk forever and I’m still alive and healthier than all vegans together. My mom makes omelet muffins all the time and they are so delicious, but the oats are my favorite and now that I have a job that starts early in the AM, I need something on the go and delicious to keep me going! Sign up today for exclusive tips straight from Lauren, a chance to win monthly giveaways, and so much more. Breakfasts used to consist of whatever I could grab and stuff in my gob before running out the door on my way to work in the morning. Smoothies have been my breakfast for awhile, I’ve experimented with lots of diff kinds.

In my opinion it is too much carbs and not enough protein, but it is also a good amount of fiber. However, after a visit to Ireland last year, eating good-for-you food and having some wonderful conversations with people about how important good food is for you mind, body and spirit. But my newest favorite smoothie recipes combine fruits, veggies, a light protein powder, flax seeds, and dried coconut flakes. My favorite: combine frozen strawberries, blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, and almond milk with a tiny bit of honey. I use Almond Milk or Soy in my smoothies and know I am not killing any cows to enjoy it or ingesting any unhealthy chemicals or fat. No peanut butter necessary I add peaches to mine in the morning and swirl them in … delicious.
I used 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, a large onion, and American cheese as my mix-ins (I broke the sliced cheese up into small pieces). I've replaced my poor food choices with a lot more whole grains, fresh produce, legumes and the like. This has resulted in weight loss, better fitness, and an overall feeling of being a kick-butt role model for my kids. You can find them in the freezer section of the grocery store (I freeze my own bananas and other fruits when they are in season).

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