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I am going to share with you what our diet must have to achieve optimum nutrition and for good health. We may be surprised to know that digestion and absorption of nutrients can not be separated and are critical to good health.
We may not be aware that every day, we ingest destructive toxins such as heavy metals and pollutants from the environment.
I hope what I have shared with you can lead you to achieve optimum nutrition and good health. I hope the information presented in this site will have a positive impact to your health, vitality, well-being and even your longevity.
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My understanding is that we need to provide our bodies with the best possible nutrients for maintaining cellular wellness and function.
Without good digestion, nutrients will not get absorbed into our blood stream and delivered to our cells. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules created in our cells during normal metabolism, and they can also come from pollutants in the environment.
It will come to a point that these toxins will weaken our tissues and lead to disease unless these toxins were removed from our bodies daily.
Among the functions of digestive enzymes and other nutrients is to help keep our digestive tract operating efficiently and help us absorb nutrients more effectively. They are no good to our body and health because they can damage our cells thus responsible for much of the damage caused by many diseases.

For example, vitamin C and E fight free-radicals much more effectively when consumed from whole food sources than when taken separately as isolated supplements.
In fact, nutritional supplements such as green foods are a few such sources due to they contain the natural complexity of whole foods. To achieve optimal health, it is advisable to take in large amounts of nutrients found in whole foods to help us fight free radicals more effectively every day.

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