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7 Days of Super Healthy Dinners Our delicious dinners make it a cinch to eat nutritious meals all week long.
Dinner recipes that have fresh vegetables like salads or steamed vegetables with whole grains and lean meats or fish are healthy dinner choices. These salmon, cod, tuna and flounder recipes pack in good, healthy protein with flavors from the sea.
Take back the dinner hour: We’ve created a week’s worth of great-tasting meals with real nutritional punch. Why not look at preparing dinner not only as a healthy thing to do for your family but something you can enjoy. These healthy kids dinner recipes feature all their favorite foods, including spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, burgers, pizza and fish sticks—all lightened up so you can feel good about serving these healthy kids dinner recipes to your family.

There are lots of great cook books available with heart healthy dinner recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.
It starts with knowing what your body needs and how to select the right foods to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients to support your physical and health needs. These foods cause your blood sugar to spike giving you the feel good feeling, but they don’t give your body the best quality for a healthy dinner choice.
These are the foods you’ll want to order when eating out, or have at home when making dinner. However, if you simply can’t find the time to prepare foods at home, supermarkets now have a good supply of pre-washed ready to eat lettuce and mixed salads in packages. Food markets may often have fresh roasted or BBQ chicken as well and are good choices as long as you discard the skin to reduce the fat intake.

Not only can it be a way to de-stress from your work day, it can add a healthy family fun opportunity to connect with the ones you love.
Not to mention, each recipe puts a premium on antioxidant-rich produce—with two veggies, plus herbs and spices to boost flavor (but not calories). Dinner time line-ups along with wait times for meal service can sometimes take longer than if you were to cook at home.

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