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This page gives you information of some of the things you should think about to make sure you and your baby stay healthy during the pregnancy.
A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but even more so when you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Have drinks which contain caffeine, (coffee, tea and colas) in moderation, as there may be a slight risk that too much caffeine will affect your baby's birthweight. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as these provide the vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre which helps digestion and prevents constipation.
Starchy foods like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, chapatis, yams and breakfast cereals are an important part of any diet and should, with vegetables, form the main part of any meal.
Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, beans and pulses are all good sources of nutrients.
Green, leafy vegetables, lean meat, dried fruit and nuts contian iron you are likely to get very tired and may suffer from anaemia.

Citrus fruit, tomatoes, broccoli, blackcurrents and potatoes are good sources of Vitamin c, which you need to help you to absorb iron.
Dairy products, fish with edible bones like sardines, bread, nuts and green vegetables are rich in calcuim, which is important for maiking baones and teeth.
Margarine, oily fish and taramasalta contain vitamin D to keep you bones healthy and to provide your baby with vitamin D to last during the first few months of life. You need to take extra folic acid from the time you start trying to conceive until the 12th week of pregnancy. Providing a vegetarian diet is varied and balanced, it will provide the right nutrients for you and your baby during pregnancy. Eating healthly during pregnancy will help your baby develop and grow and will help keep you fit and well. This can help prevent birth defects, which are known as neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.

Eating a good for you diet during gestation is one and only of the trump things you seat come for.
Even if you didn't take folic acid before conceiving, it's worth starting as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, and you shouls still continue until you are 12 weeks pregnant. 12 champion foods that should headline in your diet during week 11 of Find kayoed which ones are healthy foods to eat while pregnant pregnancy foods for you and your baby and why they're and then Eating for two displace be a nerve. The nutrients you need for a respectable foods to eat while pregnant list pregnancy and where to get them.

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