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We all remember that a properly formulated meals reduce cravings for the sweets (because they deliver magnesium, chromium and zinc) and suppress hunger between meals. The Anabolic Cooking cookbook by Dave Ruel has 200 healthy recipes catering to lean muscle building and fat loss.

It is the parents, by their own example, creating a positive climate for healthy meals, teach children what is good and what is even tasty. Try these quick, easy and healthy recipes (that are tasty!) to get the whole family started. It was originally written for bodybuilders, but the recipes are so healthy and easy to make, fitness enthusiasts looking for healthy and delicious recipes find them helpful as well.

Little learner can easily give up the ubiquitous (unfortunately also in the school store) fast foods, if it is always internally convinced that the chips are just plain bad, and your breakfast box is colorful and full with delicious healthy snacks.

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