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You can watch the other two parts of this Good Eats episode online, part 2 is here and part 3 is here.
We like his break down and although it's easy to say all things should be eaten in moderation, it's nice from time to time to have a visual guideline to help you along. Sarah Rae Smith has lived all across the Midwest and currently calls the bratwurst-laden city of Sheboygan home.
Alton Brown on the Good Eats "Live and Let Die" episode where he talks about his weight loss. If you've seen Alton Brown on television recently (his Iron Chef White House appearance, the Welch's Grape Juice commercials, or of course, Good Eats) you've probably noticed that a big chunk of him is missing. Funny how the 28 comments here and NOONE actually tried the sandwich (ok, not all the comments were on the sandwich).
It's basically a more intense tuna sandwich but the avocado smoosh provides a nice creamy, fatty (but good-for-you fatty) buffer to calm the under-the-sea taste.
Sure, eating sardicado sandwiches on a regular basis a la Alton (in the Live and Let Die episode he points out they can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner) may turn them nasty really fast, but as an occasional snack or light meal, it's pretty damn tasty. Since 2008, I've been working with our writers, editors, and community to make Serious Eats a more dynamic and delicious place. I don’t know about others but if I could I would eat only fish (as a meat) and would never touch chicken or pork. Love this list and is a perfect guide for anyone who wants to start to feel better about what they eat. It’s funny that people always think of clean eating as something that requires a huge amount of money and preparation. His focus on teaching others to eat right and more importantly in moderation with healthy items is one that seems to be done with a great deal of passion and care for his TV audience and for himself.

On a recent Good Eats episode called "Live and Let Diet," Brown revealed his little skinny-making secret. Artificial sweeteners, kids drinks that look like a pack of sugar and GMOs (genetically-modified foods) are all changing how our bodies function. Almond milk is my favorite to mix with fruit for smoothies…much less calories than cow’s milk and so tasty! It can be hard to make the change and leave behind some of the junk you are used to especially when your day is as busy as mine! It actually has more flavor than cow’s milk, and it is definitely way more refreshing than whole cow’s milk, not to mention the fact that it is so good for your body!!!
Recently, Alton has taken a stand against the unfit-physiques he's seen in chefs (himself included), and trimmed down. His Good Eats episode walks you through a bit of his weight loss journey and how he lost 50lbs over the last year. It’s brings more to argument of why we all should all ditch these foods and eat clean, while going back to the basic foods that haven’t been processed with chemicals that affect our health. I try to buy lots of protein and chicken (the not frozen kind) and I do love my almond milk!
It’s quite upsetting when I buy processed foods for my family and those run out much quicker than say non processed foods which can be 5x cheaper. I wish it was less expensive but I can only imagine how many almonds it must take to get a whole container of almond milk. Sometimes, even chicken is not that good for you because it can be processed and not as natural as you might think.
This is not a rabbit diet (no pun intended to the diet’s name), but instead a lifestyle change that’s going to benefit your life.

You will find that you can still have your cottage cheese and your Greek yogurt—both of which are healthy snacks when those early-afternoon cravings come around.
Brown rice, whole wheat breads and whole-wheat English muffins are all wonderful shopping items to add to your list. The only changes, really, are that most on the clean eating diet change to sea salt, which is supposed to be much healthier. It doesn’t seem too difficult and I imagine that it must be even better than buying it in the store.
I hate the way food is packaged so most people have no idea they are buying themselves and early funeral and a crappy old age brought on by poor eating choices. It may be hard to give up, but avoid those middle-aisle coolers that contain pre-packaged chicken breasts, chicken nuggets and so on. You may want to avoid the cheese (sorry!) because most who follow the clean eating diet consider this a processed food. Each fruit and vegetable has its own super powers that help our body, which is why you should vary in all the colors. According to some who follow the diet you can have low-fat cheese, however, so it is not all bad.

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