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I have a 15 and 16 year old who are both competitive swimmers ( they train 10-12hrs a week), so they eat even more than normal teenagers. My two oldest are now teenagers, but all of these fellas have been able to eat me under the table for years now! I could spend a fortune on pre-packaged stuff, but if I put in a little time and effort, I save hundreds on groceries. It never hurts to drink some water before eating as it slows down the desire for more food (or too much!). They are not yet teens (6, 5, & 3) but they are already eating me out of house and home!

That might be a nice alternative for your son and will stay in compliance with the school’s no nut policy.
My two teenagers do the same thing every day after school, they make a whole sandwich with meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato; with some fruit and pretzels and usually a tall glass of milk and then can put away their entire dinner 2 hrs later! Or they saute some onion and frozen peas in sesame oil and then throw in left over chicken or ham with soy sauce and rice for simple fried rice. A glass of milk can take the edge off of the hunger making it possible to wait for the next meal.
He was never a big meat eater, so his lunches were sacks of vegetables and fruits with tree nuts like pecans for protein.

Home made granola is filling, I was able to get permission for him to have some half way between breakfast and lunch at school.
Finally, for breakfast, we also pre-make breakfast burritos with homemade hashbrowns (cubed not shredded) scrambled eggs, cheese, onion, and sausage or ham.

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