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DIETERS and bodybuilders hoping to create the physique of their dreams with expensive dietary supplements were today warned they was a good chance they were being duped.
They claim the main ingredient of the weight-loss products’ formula is caffeine, which is not an effective or safe diet treatment according to the U.S.
The diet product is ‘marketed by the defendants as a clinically proven formula that will increase metabolism, curb appetite and promote weight loss,’ according to the court filing in Manhattan.‘In reality, QuickTrim’s main ingredient is a large dose of caffeine, which the FDA has determined is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control,’ the lawsuit said, reported the New York Post. From single colour eating to the 'drip diet' and wheatgrass shots, bizarre slimming crazes are par for the course in Tinseltown.

Angeles glitterati are set to follow suitThe pill, sold under the trade name Verdesse in the UK, is made from unripe coffee bean extract, and contains no caffeine - unlike green tea. Worse, suppliers outside of Europe and the USA are relatively uncontrolled and some have been found to substitute cheap ephedrine for the expensive coffee extract.'The quality of these pills can vary,' adds Polichino.
But there's a new fat-buster on the block, and this time, there areВ  no oddball eating habits in sight.The new A-list diet aid of choice is the green coffee pill, which is believed to help suppress the appetite as well as encouraging fat burning. Banned in the UK, ephedrine is a substance that acts similarly to cocaine when ingested, leaving the user with a racing pulse and making them hyperactive, while also suppressing the appetite.But even without the potential for ephedrine contamination, nutritionists are concerned that the pills will become popular with women who don't need to lose weight - and will suffer as a result.

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