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Using A Bentonite Clay Facial is Wonderful for most skin conditions and sucks the toxins, grease and dirt right out of your skin. They say your skin is a reflection of your internal health, so ditch the pills and creams and say goodbye to acne forever by focusing on what goes in your body. Fatty Acids: For a smoother, younger looking complexion, add fatty acids to your daily diet. Whole Grains and Seeds: Be sure to get enough fiber in your diet with the addition of whole grains and seeds to keep skin clean. Fruit: Maintain healthy, acne-free skin by getting your daily dose of phytonutrient and vitamin-filled fruits. Do stay tuned - I'll be publishing part 2 on Monday.And by the way, regular (white) potatoes are good too for eating in case you're not always in the mood for sweet potatoes (fries do rock), but they're higher on the glycemic index. I'm so glad that many of the foods on this list are things I already eat and enjoy - another excuse for more salmon! Leafy greens calm down inflamed skin and help with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema (I would know since I have eczema, boo).

I eat food such as mango which contains vitamin A, Almonds for the zinc, ans salmon for the omega.
Fatty acids such as omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and also help skin retain water to help you achieve a gorgeous glow.
Loaded with antioxidants, fruits attack free radicals that cause breakouts and skin damage.
You can also bet that these foods are loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention and skin puffiness. If you keep up a healthy diet it should take about a month before your skin begins clearing up. It's like saying you're going to write a novel without an outline - yeah, you may end up with a few good parts here and there, but for the most part it'll be messy, substandard, and in your face's case, greasy.Until recently, I had really bad skin.
As far as socially debilitating genes go, it ranked right up there with my alcoholism and old-bag-lady-at-Sunday-Bingo narcolepsy.I'm talking about a complexion so acne-philic that just when a pimple would start to clear up, two more would come to its funeral.
The kind that necessitated the highest legal concentrations of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, and required constant re-basting with the stuff every few hours—like a Thanksgiving turkey—just to keep it temporarily dormant.What I didn't know then is that these chemicals, touted as the golden standard for extinguishing festering facial Mt.

Vesuviuses, don't do jack without good nutrition.You see gals, when you eat foods with a high glycemic index—meaning they cause your blood sugar to spike quickly—your body brings the extra blood sugar down with a surge of insulin.
KefirThis Persian gem is one of the littlest known dairy drinks out there, which is sad because it does a kick-ass job of vigilantly defending your body's fortress fromВ the Mons Meg bombardsВ of your own bad food habits.The probiotics in kefir aid digestion by cleansing the digestive tract. Salmon gets rid of pizza face and is one of the best sources of anti-inflammatory Omega-3s, which strengthen the skin's lipid membrane, ensuring moisture stays in and irritants stay out.A six-ounce serving provides you with a staggering 36 grams of protein. Sweet PotatoesThe Thanksgiving standby is yummy with marshmallows but an even better treat for your skin.

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