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Warm cherries topped with luscious ricotta cheese and toasted almonds makes for a rich-tasting—yet calorie-conscious—treat. The perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter gives these brownies a rich taste for only about 150 calories per serving.
Use a sugar substitute in place of sugar in this recipe to bring the carb count down to 9 grams. The citrus in this cobbler gives the dish a beautiful, bright color that is great for serving to guests.
This impressive strudel boasts fruit, spice, and everything nice -- all for only about 100 calories per serving!
The layers of flavored mousse in this recipe make it look and taste like the ultimate ice cake that's worth the splurge! Perfect for fall and winter meals, these chewy maple date bars are just sweet enough and contain added fiber from the dates. For dessert on the go, try these peanut apple crunch balls, which are perfect to pack in a lunchbox or purse. Nobody said a diabetes diet had to be boring, and this rich chocolate angel food cake is proof. With a bit of ingenuity and time spent in the kitchen, you can make these and a host of other desserts that satisfy your diabetes meal plan and your palate! Peanut Butter Ice Cream SandwichesStir peanut butter into low-sugar ice cream and spread between gingersnaps for an easy, low-sugar frozen treat.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich CookiesPeanut butter and jelly break aren't just for the kids' sandwiches–here they're featured in tender, sweet cookies filled with low-sugar strawberry spread. Black Forest TrifleRich chocolate cake and sweet cherries are the stars of this luscious make-ahead holiday dessert. Double Chocolate Pudding PieLayer sugar-free chocolate and white chocolate puddings in a graham cracker crust for a double dose of chocolate delight. Fig BarsDried figs and coconut provide a good bit of the sweetness in these good-for-you treats. Chocolate Peanut Butter BallsWith only 5.5 grams of carbohydrate, these chocolate-peanut butter balls are a good source of heart-healthy protein and are great for snacks or when you just need a small bite of something chocolate.
White Chocolate MousseFor an easy holiday dessert, make a short-cut sugar-free mousse with only 3 ingredients. Truly our best-ever carrot cake recipe, make this classic favorite for a crowd and you might not have any leftovers to bring home. These delicious recipes for diabetic cakes, diabetic cookies and diabetic brownies are lower in carbohydrates and in calories to keep your blood sugar in check while indulging your sweet tooth.
In the past, lack of knowledge and false presumptions led diabetes sufferers to believe that dessert was strictly off-limits.
Not only do the cookies taste great, they are a good source of heart-healthy fiber from the oats, raisins, and walnuts. Cuts of beef that perform well for pot roasting go by many different names: Blade roast, cross-rib roast (or shoulder clod), seven-bone pot roast, arm pot roast, and boneless chuck roast are all acceptable cuts.

Banana bread should form a crack down the center as it bakes--a sign the baking soda is doing its job.
Today, doctors and health care professionals know that monitoring carbohydrate intake rather than sugar intake alone is more important in diabetes management.
In fact, the American Diabetes Association suggests splitting a dessert with a friend when eating at a restaurant as a means to enjoying dessert without causing your blood sugar to spike. The key to making tantalizing diabetic desserts is cutting the amount of carbs and sugar while maximizing flavor, which isn’t as hard to do as you might think. The walnut crust offers healthy fats and eliminates the need for white flour and butter—the staples of traditional pie crust. And you can transform this one recipe into several different desserts by varying the flavors of the ice cream and the cookies.
The following five recipes, which include lunchbox-friendly apple crunch balls and a decadent chocolate angel food cake, will become post-dinner staples in no time—they've certainly become part of my dessert repertoire!

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