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Just as Craven was fixed up, Bacillus returned and was heading straight for the New York City water supply where it could infect the whole city. The way that the Bacillus infection is cured is similar the removal of the Jiger egg from Gamera vs. You are now on the page of a Godzilla: The Series, which includes such genres as Animation, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Related Playlists: Godzilla The Series "Complete Episode" Johnathan McCollum's playlist Telly & Film 2 (BRITISH) Throwback cartoons missed cartoon shows as kid new Episodes Popular Saturday-morning cartoon & Cartoon videos Movies More Shows!
Bacteria Monster Bacillus) is a mutated bacteria kaiju which first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

While Elsie generated a cure for Craven, Nick and Monique actually headed into Godzilla’s body armed with lasers to take down the infection head-on. With Randy using the Heat-Seeker to keep the germ away, the pair inside Godzilla finished off the last of the infection, reviving Godzilla. Before the battle could begin yet again, however, Craven, now immune to the bacteria due to the antidote, drove a speed boat loaded with a barrel of the antidote into the germ’s gapping maw. As a giant monster capable of rolling up into a ball, it possesses some of the traits of Balgaras from Zone Fighter. In the midst of the battle, Bacillus sliced open Godzilla and injected its own mutated bacteria.

Godzilla finished off the creature with his atomic fire, and this time it was unable to successfully use its endospore barrier. In response, the monster king tossed the creature away, causing a wave of green goo to splash on Craven, also infecting him. Bacillus was finished, and the monster king sneezed out both Nick and Monique, ending the day in a happy tone.

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