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Started off the day getting a papaya + orange + strawberry blended juice and a bunch of packet fruits… apples, rock melon, mango, and jack fruit.
If you weren’t already following me on my progress on my other social media platforms, I was doing this diet alongside Maggy! And the rest of the night it was just Maggy and I distracting each other with our loopyness from our sugar-high and just plain looking forward to veggie day!
So this is the combo of Day 1 and Day 2 which is great because when you can only eat fruits.. Here are screen shots of my daily progress starting from Sunday, February 2, 2014… the day BEFORE I started the GM Diet. Didn’t lose too much on this day probably because I was consuming a ton of liquids… but still went down in weight.
This was bananas and milk day and I guess I consumed much less in general because those items kept me pretty full. So based on these statistics and the graph above, in just 5 days, I lost a total of 2.3kg!!!

Also understand that you can’t keep that weight off if you don’t actually continue eating a balanced diet and keeping up your fitness routine!
You are not recommended to modify the GM Diet in any way… so, for a more consistent and effective results, stick to their actual diet plan!! You must, must remember that this diet is not nutritionally well-adjusted so don’t be going on this diet consecutively because you won’t be receiving the nutrients your body needs! You have no idea how amazing veggie soup sounded after eating fruits all day the day before!! I didn’t go the whole 7 days but you’ll be pretty amazed at the results of this diet in just 5 days!! Not on the first day and during the temptations here and there but I never got sleepy throughout the day like how I normally would especially after binge-eating my favourite bowl of ramen or having a good burger and fries. But you have to ensure you take up the responsibility of doing your research and following through with this diet regime correctly! I just completed my version of the GM Diet and here is everything you need to know about it!

Also, I am on it as a guinea pig to see how much weight one can ACTUALLY lose on this diet plan.
But I find this to be one of the healthiest crash diets that I’ve read about and witnessed simply because you are discourage from ever staying hungry. It is already a difficult diet to begin with and it really tests your will power to the max!! Having said that, don’t expect to keep the weight off after the 7 days if you don’t continue a healthy diet and exercise regime!!

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