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Alcohols commonly include Glycerol, Cholesterol and higher alcohols such as cetyl alcohol and myricyl alcohol. Commercial name is Glycerine, which is using in automobile industry as lubricating agent (It reduces friction between two metal bodies). The other unsaturated alcohols are Phytol (in chlorophyll) and lycophyll pigments (in Tomato). Fatty acids are long-chain organic acids having usually from 4 to 24 carbon atoms; they have a single carboxyl group and a long, non-polar hydrocarbon ‘tail’, which gives most lipids their hydrophobic and oily or greasy nature. In animal fats, palmitic and stearic acids (C16 and C18) are the most abundantly found saturated fatty acids next in order are shorter chain fatty acids (C14 and C12) and longer chain fatty acids (C20,C22 and C24). Some branched chain FA are Isopalmitic acid(C16) present in Wool fat, Anti-iso palmitic acid(C17) present in Wool fat, Tuberculostearic acid (C 19) present in Bacteria. In mammals, polyunsaturated FAs can have up to 22 carbon atoms and 6 double bonds, but in plants these acids do not exceed 18 carbon atoms and 4 double bonds.

Human body can convert Stearic acid to Oleic acid by inserting a double bond but is incapable of inserting further double bonds so that the Oleic acid cannot be converted to either linoleic, linolenic or arachidonic acid. Vegetable oils contain two types of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) – linoleic acid (lin with 2 double bonds) and (-linolenic acid (len with 3 double bonds). Examples are Ricinoleic acid (87%) in Caster oil, It is a C 18 acid with a double bond at C9 and an OH group on C12. A common oxygenated fatty acid, isolated from plants and bacterial lipids, is 9, 10- dihydroxystearic acid. Examples are Chaulmoogra oil obtained from Hydnocarpus kurzil contains Hydnocarpic and Chaulmoogric acid.
Biosynthesis of Glycerophospholipids Guide The most abundant phospholipids are made from glycerol.
Glycerol is a trihydric alcohol and therefore one two or all the three hydroxyl groups (OH) can react with fatty acids forming mono, di or triglycerides respectively.

Fatty acids do not occur in free or uncombined state in cells or tissues but are present in covalently bound form in different classes of lipids. The names of saturated fatty acids end with the suffix -anoic and those of unsaturated acids with the suffix -enoic.
Monoethenoid acids — These contain one double bond and conform to the general formula, CnH2n–1COOH. Cerebronic acid, a C 24 acid obtained from animal lipid, is another important hydroxyl acid with an OH group on C2. What are the Importance in Human Body Lipids are involved mainly with long-term energy storage.

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