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In addition to shopping for groceries based on the low-glycemic index and using the advice for dining out, please also visit our RECIPES page, which is updated frequently with zone-friendly meals.
Get your expanded Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Chart with a full explanation on how to use it prevent diabetes and heart disease!
Glycemic Index – A numerical index given to a carbohydrate-rich food that is based on the average increase in blood glucose levels occurring after the food is eaten.
Bad carbs are generally processed carb foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrients and fiber to make them consumer friendly. The table below shows values of the Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) for a few common foods.

Check out this video, it will explain the Glycemic Index and how Shakeology fits into the index.
Different varieties of foods would vary depending on their relative fiber or sugar content. These are the good quality found in high fiber nutrient rich foods like whole grain bread, brown rice whole wheat pasta and beans.
These are the naturally produced sugars found in fruit and refined and processed foods like white bread and sugary drinks. This booklet helps you use the up-to-date Glycemic Load information to prevent blood sugar problems that can lead to many chronic health issues.

The GI scale goes from 1-100 where the higher number is given to foods that will cause a rapid increase in blood sugar. Some foods may contain the same amount of carbs, but like we just learned above, not all carbs are the same. Just by knowing a little about the glycemic index we can understand how some foods are better for us than others.

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