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Weight Loss with Glycemic Index Diet –В There are so many factors which make people have to face problem with overweight body. The basic idea of glycemic index weight loss is pretty simple although the practice can be pretty complicated.
Because it is glycemic index weight loss diet plan, people can make sure that the glycemic index in the food will be the biggest consideration for the foods which should be included in the diet plan. The foods with high glycemic index with 70 score or higher includes white breads, white rice, white bagels, pretzel, crackers, white baked potatoes, as well as beverages which are sweetened with sugar.
The American Diabetes Association has devised a diet plan that adopts an exchange system in order to help with meal planning as well as nutrient balance. Various methods of weight loss can be found and each will promise the best result of weight loss although the method is different. Foods with medium glycemic index or 56-69 score includes spaghetti, raisins, ice cream, grapes, bananas, and corn on the cob.
In other words, the ADA diet plan is not a specific or restrictive diet plan and serves more as a guideline or foundational principle to help you design a diet plan according to your individual requirements. People maybe have ever heard about glycemic index weight loss diet plan which is based on the glycemic index. Foods with 55 score or lower are included in low glycemic index foods and it includes peanuts, carrots, peas, oatmeal, hummus, kidney beans, most fruits, as well as skim milk.

The key purpose of ADA diet plan is to relieve problems in connection with diabetes, in addition to improving your overall health. Glycemic index is used for helping people with diabetes to control the sugar level in their blood. Although this diet plan will be very useful for people to prevent health condition such as heart disease and diabetes, people cannot get the proof that this diet plan will give them better or faster result than other diet plan.
When following the diet plan, people should consume more foods with low glycemic index and they should reduce the consumption of foods with high glycemic index. However, it is not only useful for controlling the blood sugar level because it will also be useful for losing some of their weight. Each of the plans has been designed based on the carbohydrates counting and glycemic index values. On a typical 1,800 Calorie diet, the breakfast will consist of three starch exchanges, one fruit exchange, one meat exchange and one milk exchange.
1,500 Calories It is a low calorie diet that has been primarily designed for diabetic people who are overweight. In fact, this ADA diet plan restricts the increased intake of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.
This diet plan should be followed as per the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner.

1,200 Calorie It is a very low calorie diet that is especially for diabetic people with morbid obesity. This ADA diet plan encourages you to intake fresh fruits and raw vegetables and reduce fat intake. However, this diet plan should be followed under the strict supervision of a medical practitioner. Foods Recommended Under ADA Diet Plan According to the ADA, a healthy diet plan should include: Plenty of fruits and vegetables Whole grain food items like brown rice and whole wheat spaghetti Lentils and dried beans Skim milk Non starchy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach Fish Superfoods The ADA recommends diabetic patients to intake certain nutrient enriched foods, each of which has low glycemic index value and rich in nutrients like fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Carb counting simply refers to a meal planning system that involves the action of counting the grams of carbs that you intake during your each meal.
Glycemic Index The Glycemic Index (GI) is a numerical scale that is adopted to assess the level of carbohydrates on blood glucose. The ADA encourages you to intake food items with low glycemic index values, such as spinach and whole meal bread.

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