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My Breadman TR520 set on the Rapid Rise Fast Bake cycle makes a stunning loaf of gluten-free bread.
I think you’ve named this recipe perfectly; it looks absolutely perfect for making sandwiches! Since my bread always tends to fall when baking it in my bread machine, I let the bread machine do the mixing and then put it in a loaf pan for baking. I have finally purchased my breadmaker to make your bread but previously tried it with a friends BM (found out the fast bake didn’t work until after I had all ingredients in it so used the regular bake) and then with my new one on rapid bake (and altered using almond milk and brown rice flour instead of buckwheat). As I mentioned in the kickoff post to this series, A Bountiful Bread Basket: В Gluten-Free Bread Recipes,В one of the top requests that I get is for gluten-free bread recipes, and not just any bread recipes, but great gluten-free bread recipes. But first, let meВ reiterate that this series on great gluten-free breadВ recipesВ is an ongoing series that I started last year. First, here are some tips from some well-known, much respected folks in our gluten-free community.
Next, here are almostВ 20 recipes (I’ll be adding more later)В from gluten-free folks who have done the hard work for you and created some praise-worthy bread machine recipes! Michelle only recommends Maninis Multiuso Multipurpose Flour Mix or Maninis Classic Peasant Bread Mix for this recipe.
Chelsea said she wanted “to make a mildly-sweet-perfect-for-breakfast-not-hard-as-a-rock-or-crumbly vegan and gluten free Cinnamon Raisin Bread.” And she thinks you will be pleased. Reader review: “I used ginger ale since I haven’t bought any gf beer yet, and I have a Zojirushi machine. Reader review:  “I made this loaf today, it was my first loaf of gluten free bread it turned out beautiful. Reader review and guidance on how to make this bread in a bread machine: “YES I’ve tried this in my Cuisinart Bread machine and it came out wonderful!

Chelsea shares her tips on avoiding dry, crumbly bread and shows you exactly how to make this recipe via video.
Sarah gives you lots of tips to make this flax-free version of her earlier yeast-based paleo bread a success.
Be sure to read Karina’s post because she also shares how she made Banana Bread in her bread machine. This post is linked to Gluten-Free Wednesday, Allergy-Free Wednesday, Gluten-Free Fridays, Gluten-Free Recipe Roundup, and Saturday Night Fever. Hi Elle–I hope these recipes will have you meeting new bloggers and making a delicious loaf of gluten-free bread in your bread machine soon! I feel pretty honored to have my bread recipes included in this AWESOME GF bread recipe roundup.
I don’t have all the ingredients you’ve used in your recipe, but it looks amazing! It’s almost tempting fate to try a whole loaf given how badly some of mine have turned out.
I just bought Bobs Red Mill but based on my internet searches it does not appear to be gluten free. I made the bread with it anyway since I had already purchased it and I didnt have a problem. I subtracted 1 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of rice milk, then added 1tsp of water when it was mixing.
Of course, we all have eaten our fair share of bad gluten-free bread, so we certainly understand that request. I thought this recipe with her reader’s directions would be a great example of how you can make just about any gluten-free bread loaf recipe in a bread machine if you follow some basic instructions.

Linda’s changes and the discussion in comments might provide helpful info for those who are learning to make recipes in their bread machines and know they just need slight tweaks, but are not sure which changes to make. Using your bread machine to make quick breads is a way to get maximum use out of this kitchen appliance. I’m so happy that I have a delicious GF bread for sandwiches after my first attempt with a different recipe turned out disastrous. I took the paddle out at the right time, but the bread sunk quite deep so there must of been an air bubble where the paddle was. Well, right behind those requests are requests for gluten-free bread recipes that can be made in a bread machine. Doing so also ensures that your oven is free during holiday cooking or not turned on during the heat of summer.
Or folks want to know how to take a great bread recipe that’s calls for the bread to be baked in the oven and instead make it in their bread machine. I’m happy to say that I’ve called on some gluten-free experts to give you the answers to both those questions today in Part 3 of our series, A Bountiful Bread Basket, Part 3:  Top 20+ Gluten-Free Bread Recipes Made in a Bread Machine, Plus More Info and Tips on Bread Machines. Take a few minutes to read those posts and then look at the individual recipe posts because some of them offer bread machine guidance, too.

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