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At first it may seem strange and cumbersome, but in time, you will form a rhythm that feels natural and your family and friends will love the bread!
However, I had little success until I learned the proper techniques of bread baking in general.
This has a three-fold purpose: to hydrate, stretch the gluten, and distribute fermentation. My Breadman TR520 set on the Rapid Rise Fast Bake cycle makes a stunning loaf of gluten-free bread.
I think you’ve named this recipe perfectly; it looks absolutely perfect for making sandwiches! Since my bread always tends to fall when baking it in my bread machine, I let the bread machine do the mixing and then put it in a loaf pan for baking.
I have finally purchased my breadmaker to make your bread but previously tried it with a friends BM (found out the fast bake didn’t work until after I had all ingredients in it so used the regular bake) and then with my new one on rapid bake (and altered using almond milk and brown rice flour instead of buckwheat). So yes, you should definitely be excited about today’s recipe because it is an EASY soaked homemade whole wheat bread recipe.
To make soaked whole wheat bread, you’ll start with 3 cups of filtered water PLUS 2 tablespoons of an acidic medium (apple cider vinegar, whey, yogurt or kefir).
Easy & Delicious Soaked Whole Wheat Bread2014-08-03 21:48:51 Soaking your bread helps ease the digestibilty of the grain and also increases the nutritional value! So it stands to reason we’d have a recipe for the best 100% whole wheat sandwich bread you’ve ever tasted. Those ingredients, plus one more: this recipe for Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bread, vetted and enthusiastically approved by your fellow bakers. It was rainy and humid the day I made the bread for this blog; and the dough was kind of sticky. Allow the bread to rise for about 1 to 2 hours, or till the center has crowned about 1” above the rim of the pan. PJ Hamel was born in Wisconsin, grew up in New England, and graduated from Brown University. The sandwich bread recipe you cite is a guaranteed recipe, that includes orange juice (this tempers the taste of the whole wheat), milk, potato, and butter.
I made the KAF guarenteed 100% whole wheat bread a week or so ago and It didn’t turn out very good. We hope that once you try this recipe using the step by step pictures and recipe dialogue that you will have success. White Whole Wheat Flour will give similar results, with a lighter color to your loaf of bread.
I made a 100% whole wheat bread from “Artisan Bread Baking” and it’s a little too dense for my family.

Yes, it comes out really well with the white whole wheat, Joni – that’s my favorite whole wheat, too. I’ve adapted your bread machine version of this recipe to fit in the mini Zo and it’s my go to bread.
I have used another KAF 100% whole wheat recipe for years, but this looks less dense, and quite lovely. Barbara, you can leave out the milk powder; the bread won’t be quite as tender, but should be fine.
Bob, if you follow this recipe EXACTLY, and don’t substitute alternate ingredients, I think you’ll get the high-rising loaf you’re looking for. Dear Laura, if you are confident the bread isn’t overproofing during its rise in the pan, it may be the dimples and deflated look are due to very gentle shaping of the loaf. We’re both diabetic, and the doctor wanted us to give up bread (!), but we tolerate this just fine with our blood levels staying right where they should (my husband only takes a pill to control his overnight levels and I’m not on any meds at all).
I don’t have all the ingredients you’ve used in your recipe, but it looks amazing!
It’s almost tempting fate to try a whole loaf given how badly some of mine have turned out. I just bought Bobs Red Mill but based on my internet searches it does not appear to be gluten free. I made the bread with it anyway since I had already purchased it and I didnt have a problem.
This makes our bread even harder to stay together when making and slicing bread for sandwiches. I usually add more flour but I notice that my bread is not as soft and fluffy as the loaf made by my SIL who uses a breadmaker to knead the same recipe.
I have made this bread as written and have also adapted it various times… and it always turns out beautifully! I had trouble making the classic bread my first time around but was successful in making the guaranteed bread, but I’m certainly interested in trying the classic recipe again. I’d like to try that and letting the last rise occur overnight in the fridge so I can freshly bake the bread for breakfast. I’m so happy that I have a delicious GF bread for sandwiches after my first attempt with a different recipe turned out disastrous.
I took the paddle out at the right time, but the bread sunk quite deep so there must of been an air bubble where the paddle was. They knew it took a bit of preparation to extract all the goodness from grains, but it was worth it because then they didn’t have explosive diarrhea.
However, I don’t see anything wrong with adding ascorbic acid when making sandwich bread.

When I make artisan bread, pizza, doughnuts, Navajo tacos, or anything else that requires a yeast dough, I don’t add Vitamin C. I had problems making bread in the past ,but each time I made this recipe it was wonderful. And oddly enough, I’ve found that kneading this particular dough in the bread machine seems to make it rise TOO much; I prefer kneading in my stand mixer. But to bake in the machine, you might try a recipe specifically designed for baking in the bread machine – like our Multi-Grain Brown Bread.
It’s the first time I made whole wheat bread that rose up nicely and wasn’t dense and heavy! Substituting other flours isn’t a good idea, as these recipes were written specifically for King Arthur Flour.
So instead, I’ve updated my recipe with new ratios, better tips, and more pictures to give you guys a better idea of how I make my soaked bread. As the flour is hydrated by the water and acidic medium, it slowly breaks down the phytic acid and antinutrients in the whole wheat flour. Because store-bought bread is full of soy products, emulsifiers, dough enhancers, and additives. There are no health drawbacks with using ascorbic acid, the only concern would be for those who want to make a TRUE traditional recipe. Kneading builds up the gluten, so your bread will hold together when the yeast creates bubbles of gas inside. I like eating whole wheat bread more than white, because white makes me hungry really fast… So this is a GREAT recipe to have on hand! I’d try it again, following the blog photos, and hopefully it’ll work well for you, as it has for so many people… As I say, this is THE most clicked-on recipe we have, and it has a huge number of 5-star reviews, so I’m confident it works well.
So cutting the salt will make your dough feel flabbier, and will cause it to rise faster in a less controlled fashioned and the bread will have less flavor. Sometimes (who knows why) a recipe just doesn’t work at one particular time for one particular baker; call it a fluke. Place in a warm oven & let rise, uncovered, another 30-45 minutesAfter 30-45 minutes, carefully remove risen bread out of oven and preheat the oven to 350 degrees.Bake the bread at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 180 degrees.
Remove bread and let cool in pans for 5 minutes, then remove and let cool for 10-25 minutes before cutting.Devour.

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