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Most traditional baking and processed food relies on a natural protein called gluten in some form.
Gluten-free really does mean just that, so don't be swayed by some of the myths out there and know what you're buying.
For most simple baking the prepared gluten-free flour mixes sold by some millers will do the trick but sometimes you will need to seek out specialist ingredients. Found in most baking flours and foods made from them, gluten helps foods stay solid without crumbling, keeps it soft, holds moisture, and adds chewiness to the texture.

Sourdough bread isn't gluten-free by nature of the process, though can be if made with gluten-free ingredients.
Pastry made from gluten-free flour will feel crumblier and more fragile as you roll it: it will tear and fall apart but will patch together and bake just fine.
Cornflour (cornstarch) typically makes up the bulk of the gluten-free flour mixes you buy, and it and most other gluten-free starches absorb moisture much faster than wheat flour. Do let us know if you've found a website that's been helpful, or if you know of some tricks to improve all our gluten-free baking.Dan Lepard is a food writer and baking expert.

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