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I keep my gluten-free flours in the refrigerator in canisters for a longer shelf life (whole grain flours do get rancid because they haven’t been over-processed and stripped of their nutrition like regular all-purpose flour) and because it is more convenient for me. This may sound like a silly question because it is essentially the same as measuring regular all-purpose wheat flour.
I always sift my gluten-free flour to make sure I do not end up with pockets of one type of flour or pockets of xanthan gum or baking powder.
Most gluten-free flours, such as brown rice flour, will keep in the refrigerator for four or five months.

Sorghum flour, Tapioca flour, Brown Rice Flour, Cornstarch, Teff, Cornmeal, and Sweet Rice Flour.
Not to be confused with potato flour, potato starch is a wonderful thickener and can tolerate higher temperatures than cornstarch.
I stock this flour just so that I can make homemade buckwheat pancakes and waffles occasionally.
I use labeled canisters because my fridge looks neater and it is easier to prevent messy flour spills.

It is cheaper to buy white rice flour at ethnic grocery stores than your health food store.

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