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The following recipes are healthier versions of some favorite dishes — of kids and adults alike.
Rather than reinventing the wheel here, I’m linking you to a tried and true recipe created by my friend and TV Host on The Cooking Channel, Jason Wrobel. Karen B., the topic here isn't about whether being vegan is good or bad for anyone, but just offering some alternatives to conventionally NON-VEGAN dishes that are. If your child is on a gluten-free diet, life can get a bit complicated with everything from birthday parties to sleepovers along with gluten-filled snacks in every classroom. If you have a particular diet program you want to switch your children to, have the list with you when you consult a doctor.
With products that have gluten-free labels, you can find more information on them through online forums and gluten-free product directories available online. With these simple tips, your utmost support and the help of family members and the school, switching your children to a gluten-free diet will not be difficult at all. Getting your kids to eat healthy on a gluten-free diet can be a challenge—so here are some recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor or fun. This recipe will taste sweet enough to please the kids, while giving them great fiber and nutrition from the greens and fruit.

This recipe includes two of my favorite superfoods, hemp and avocados, making this a nutritional powerhouse as well as a delicious treat.
Here are a few tips and ideas for how you can prepare easy gluten-free healthy snacks for kids. Your doctor will be able to help fine-tune the diet to better suit the needs of your children.
You can choose gluten-free products for your children by reading the ingredients or nutrition facts on the label.
For example, a menu that is fried using the same fryer used to cook food that contains gluten can be contaminated and may not be as gluten-free as advertised.
Children love treats; adding them to the menu will help keep your kids excited about going gluten-free. Main dishes, snacks and, of course, delicious desserts can be gluten-free and fabulous for kids of all ages. Just avoid the wheat ones to make this recipe gluten free, and if you are using corn make sure it’s organic and GMO-free.
When a child is diagnosed, the doctor and a certified nutritionist will help you compose a healthy diet.

These recipes, designed specifically for kids, are very delicious and will help keep your children interested in the diet.
Treats are great for filling gaps between big meals and keeping your kids energy level controlled.
Leaving out gluten helps minimize slow digestion and allergic reactions that are becoming more and more common with the highly processed wheat people are consuming these days. Getting started with gluten-free diet for kids is really not as difficult as you may think. Cut in thirds to make finger food size pieces, and serve with guacamole and salsa for a nutritious yummy meal kids are sure to enjoy!

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