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As the title suggests, this book is dedicated to producing healthy, delicious meals with minimal effort. Now that pure, uncontaminated, gluten-free rolled oats are available, you can enjoy these old favorites (providing your physician approves). Cecilia’s Marketplace does it again, another great book for those living gluten free. This book and gluten-free resource from the reputable culinary school teaches the reader the fundamentals of baking and offers many tips and techniques for baking gluten-free, like Chef Coppedge’s 10 guidelines for making gluten-free bread. Fenster emphasizes the use of “flavor-intensive” ingredients, such as fresh herbs and citrus, to keep gluten-free meals satisfying and delicious, and outlines time-saving tips like doubling a recipe to help create a second meal. The step-by-step 30 day meal plan is the easiest way to jump right into the gluten free diet.

Included in an introductory chapter is a complete “shopping list” of items needed to make the recipes in the book.
The book also includes storage suggestions and helpful menu suggestions to aid the reader in meal planning. Recipes include savory baked goods, such as pretzels, bagels and yeasted breads, and plenty of cakes, cookies and brownies to satisfy even the sweetest gluten-free tooth. Not only does this book provide all you need for your meals but basic information on symptoms, support, testing options and more. Using his culinary training, Landolphi wrote Gluten Free Every Day to ensure that his wife could still enjoy the foods she loved, including macaroni and cheese, onion rings, baked goods and other sweets.
We also made the moist and fudgy Chocolate Bundt Cake and got rave reviews from our tasters.

In the first chapter of the book, the author provides complete nutrition information for ingredients that are commonly used in gluten-free cooking and baking. And he provides a list of “safe” alternative brands for everyday foods that typically contain gluten, such as crackers, oats, pasta and beer.

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