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Of Health And BeautyPersonal insights on supplements and nutrition for longer, healthier life. Many people find it difficult to change their eating habits, especially when there is a need to follow some of the exclusion diets to improve their health. The most common food groups that cause intolerance and allergy are dairy, wheat and gluten.
The common notion is that dairy products are a good source of calcium, but there is growing evidence that suggests this is not the case.
Dairy products contain vitamin B12, so vegetarians who cut out dairy might want to take B12 supplement. Substituting dairy in cooking is easy, thanks to a wide variety of alternative milk products such as soy, rice, almond, hemp, coconut and quinoa. Wheat sensitivity is a common cause of bloating and digestive disorders, hives and eczema, while gluten has been linked to leaky gut syndrome, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and various digestive disorders. Sarah, you know, I wanted to put dairy on there, too, but because I have such strong feelings about most dairy (it’s not good for you!) I figured it was just my bias showing! I didn’t avoid spices when breastfeeding my son, and at 22 months, he now loves Mexican and Indian food. Chantel, there are a number of reasons to believe cow’s milk products (dairy) are not the best for human digestion, namely, the way cows are raised and what is done to the milk during production. I had to go off all dairy with my daughter for 4 months and with my son it was all dairy and all corn products (including things like cornstarch and corn syrup) for 4 months, but after 4 months the only thing I’ve notice bothering either of them is cabbage. I have to agree with some previous posters that this list is ridiculous and potentially doing more harm than good, as you are completely over-complicating breastfeeding with this false information. I’m sure there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps some women may in fact have issues with some of the foods on your list. Not only it is high in calcium, it is also a good source of iron, fibre, vitamins B, C and K and cancer-fighting compounds.
There is one important thing to clarify here: most of the grains do contain gluten, but not all of them contain wheat. As you can see, there’s no chortage of substitutes when is comes to gluten and wheat free diet. No need to register, just use the Contact page to ask any questions regarding diet, supplements or fitness. The email was a forward of a forward, and the list was credited to a woman named Helen Gordon.

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And also orange juice and dairy, even just milk with cereal in the AM could bother him in the first month. The only problem I had was finding out that they were both allergic to oats and would get eczema if I ate oats. I’ve never heard of an oat allergy (besides gluten-intolerances from contaminated oats)! I was able to eat anything I wanted during breastfeeding and nothing seemed to bother my little guy.
It is an excellent source of protein and calcium, both of which your lactating body desperately needs while lactating. I encourage you to read Food and Healing by Annemarie Colbin, which is where I base much of my health philosophy. This is especially the case for those prone to eczema and psoriasis, and many people with these conditions find their skin improve if they stay away from the above food groups. Also, there are certain types of ancient wheat that are more tolerated than modern wheat: spelt and kamut for example. I’ve searched the internet high and low and cannot find a definitive Helen Gordon to whom the list may have belonged. He is now five months old, and I just can’t keep away from coffee for my own sanity, I need it.
I only really figured this out by elimination and actually aveeno body wash (oatmeal) finally made me realize what it was. He was 20 months before he ever had a diaper rash (worse thing I have ever experienced with him), and I credit that feat to breast feeding. And until I’m a paid scientific lab researcher (and before you are, too), all we can do is trust our health practitioners, our knowledge gleaned from experience and individual research, and, most importantly, our guts. That being said, I do indulge in cheese and yogurt occasionally, but there are better and more efficient ways to get calcium and protein to your body than by dairy (spinach, for example, is a great source of calcium and is better absorbed by the body).
The most common benefit of whole (unprocessed) grains are fibre and certain vitamins such as B group and E. The most common fear is the lack of bread, but there are plenty of gluten and wheat free breads available in store now and backing these breads are very easy too, since there’s no need for yeast.
My pediatrician, who was a lactation consultant and somewhat homeopathic, suggested a probiotic for me and a non-dairy probiotic for my son and if I ate anything that I thought might bother him I could take a digestive enzyme and it would break up most of the bad stuff before it reached my milk.

I gave it up cold turkey while pregnant and only twice did I feel the need to have a cup of decaf, but that was late in pregnancy and I felt it was ok since I had obstained from coffee almost the entire pregnancy. My ped immediately assumed milk but after cutting it for two weeks and using cortisone to clear up the skin, aveeno broke him out like a red tomato! Someone once told me not to eat chocolate while breastfeeding, but they didn’t have a reason, so I ignored it. However, it is important to know what nutrients one might miss from the excluded foods and what one needs to eat to compensate for that. So one thing to eat more of while on wheat and gluten free diet is brown rice as it is a very good source of all of the above. The biggest thing about coffee for those pregnant and breastfeeding is it can block nutrients from prenatal vitamins or food you eat. So, I had to avoid that but otherwise nothing else and luckily both kids outgrew their oat allergy!
AFTER YOUR BABY IS A LITTLE OLDER, MAYBE 4 WEEKS THEN INTRODUCE SMALL AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE AND BEER INTO YOUR DIET. In this case, the key is to introduce foods they used to be intolerant to gradually and see how the body reacts. Below is the quick guide to nutrient requirements and substitutions in cooking while following dairy, wheat and gluten free diet, as well as some recommended cooking websites. Below is the list of all gluten and wheat free products that are healthy and can be eaten instead of pasta dishes.
Nowhere in this post did I say that this was a tried-and-true method to which all mamas should adhere, but thanks for assuming.
With my little one, he did have his boughts of gassy fussiness but he has grown out of them and I can pretty much eat anything now, but I need to avoid eggs and green chili in conjunction because that combination totally keeps him up at night.
I do want to emphasize that while I need my coffee these days, I limit it to the morning hours and just 2 cups. Individuals with hay fever might seriously consider avoiding dairy products for summer months.
Dill to do for me (and maybe washing bottles now and then), and now I won’t be able to get that help either!

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