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Celiac disease was a rare and unfortunate affliction that made living a “normal” life impossible because of the strict prohibition on, what seemed to me at the time, all food. The gut does more than absorb food – it is the barrier determinant of self and non-self that educates the immune system. Zonulin is triggered by gliadin which is the protein found in the grains wheat, rye, and barley.
There is reason to suspect that prolamine grains including the above and corn, sorghum, and oats (called this because of their high proline and glutamine content) may all play a role in triggering these dynamic gut changes. Tissue transglutaminase: Tissue transglutaminase is an enzyme that plays an important role in presenting gliadin to B and T cells to be marked for antibody production.
Synapsin, GAD (glutamic acid decarboxylase), and gangliosidee: 51% of the Celiac population develops neurologic or psychiatric dysfunction, and significant percentages of neurologic diseases such as ataxia, seizures, and neuropathy are found to be driven by and resolved by gluten exposure.
Independent of the brain effects already discussed, gliadin peptides may travel through the blood stream can stimulate opiate receptors in the brain resulting in their being termed gliadorphins. One of the primary reasons that I, and many educated others, believe that genetically modified foods are the death by one thousand cuts of modern man is because of their impact on the gut. Herbicides such as the heavily employed RoundUp, have now been revealed to have active bacteria-killing and inflammatory effects in our guts, changing our microbiome with every dose we consume. Vegetable oils, soy, corn, and animals consuming corn are a ubiquitous part of the modern diet that likely perpetuates gut dysfunction that then facilitates the immune-based effects of gluten exposure. The limitations of currently available conventional testing are very real as most physicians who do a “Celiac panel” are only testing for alpha gliadin, tissue transglutaminase 2, and endomesial antibody. Some degree of gluten reactivity is thought to occur in up to 80% of the population and is driven by shared and distinct immune response mechanisms.
CeliacВ incidenceВ has increased more than fourfold in the past 50 years which may be attributable to the increased gluten content of wheat secondary to hybridization techniques, increased consumption, combined exposure to a number of environmental toxins, and associated microbiome changes.
There are manyВ wonderfulВ and freely availableВ guidesВ to converting to a gluten free life, but the basic principle is to eliminate rye, barley, wheat, and unspecified oats.
Yes, it does mitigate some of the issues related to amino acid breakdown and may be the best of all bread choices.
After an adolescence being grain obsessed, I have learned to live a much healthier lifestyle and am a firm believer that poor nutrition and toxic environments are purposely manufactured and maintained for the sake of large scale population manipulation.
Struggling with infertility (thought to be male factor) for years and recently diagnosed with an asymptomatic autoimmune disorder (thought to be LUPUS), I decided to plunge into the pages of Google to find answers. As I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, was this a similar catasthrophe as for you to give up pasta etc. Seasoned Paleofolk know that gluten consumption leads to inflammation of the gut, causing “leaky gut” (or intestinal permeability). If you are trying to change an undesired behavior (let’s say, biting) and replace it with a new, “prosocial” behavior (using language), you need your child to build new brain cells and strength the ones they have.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein secreted in the brain that acts to 1) support existing brain cells, 2) encourage growth of new brain cells, and 3) encourage the growth of new connections between brain cells (synapses).
If your child has been diagnosed with a behavioral, mental health, or developmental disorder, it’s important to insist that their doctor test for celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergies. The impact that diet has on behavior, development, and health (for our children and us, too!) is dramatic. I have to say this is one of the worst articles I have ever seen and it nothing more than scaremongering.
Actually, the only reference included in this article that does not address gluten directly is reference number 3, Nakajo et.
But those studies are of celiac sufferers or gluten sensitivities, not necessarily all children. Michelle has worked with special needs children and their families for over 13 years to promote development and overall well-being. To me, as a psychiatric fellow, 9 years into my medical training, gluten had no relevance to the non-celiac population. Raised on classic Italian pastas, lasagnas, and paninis, and a NYC pizza and bagel-ophile, I honestly couldn’t conceive of what I would eat. I grip the pages a bit tighter and I savor what is to come because I know that I am experiencing paradigm-shifting information, first hand.
Here is where our bodies learn about what to attack, and where they can be miseducated about attacking themselves (autoimmunity).

Cross-reactivity and stimulation of alpha gliadin by foods like dairy, oats, corn, millet, and even instant coffee was examined inВ this studyВ suggesting that those with limited clinical improvement on a gluten free diet (but with positive antibodies) should also consider broader eliminations. Essentially, once local inflammation is kicked off and the door to the blood stream is opened, the immune system responds. This enzyme is tagged as part of the complex with gluten and becomes a target of the immune system. Molecular mimicry and amino acid motif overlap in gliadin and the thyroid enzyme peroxidase and protein thyroglobulin may trigger cross-reactivity in the setting of intestinal permeability and immune response to gluten. These foods contain the highest and best-studied levels of lectin, an anti-nutrient and partner in crime to gliadin peptides in wheat, barley, and rye, but present in many foods and most in grains, legumes, and dairy (and notably genetically modified foods designed to increase lectin content for pest control). Bt-toxin and glyphosate are two poisons heavily employed in the production of genetically modified crops.
Response to gluten free diets in placebo-controlled trials and inflammation in the guts of non-Celiac patients, even without gliadin antibodies (such as in this study of exposed non-Celiac patients) argues for the universal effects of this food, and the individuality of our immune responses accounting the variations in severity and presentation. This paper is an incredible review and is named on my desktop, “The Mother of all Gluten Papers,” if you’d like to delve into the topic and references. The rest of us are having vague, cumulative malaise and immune-mediated effects that we have more difficulty associating to the source – consuming grains. The difficulty is in identifying the hidden sources of gluten in sauces, condiments, soups, and flavorings. See the Non GMO Shopping guide, available online and as an app, to help avoid genetically modified foods.
I haven’t had experience with food-based glutamate being an issue but I know that there are many who find that it is. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon who has an interest in alternative therapies, has written about the excitotoxicity of glutamate. I am experiencing fatigue, mild depression and in general not feeling good, like a weird feeling!
Gluten, two little proteins found in wheat and other grains, affects your child’s mood, behavior, and development. What is often overlooked is that gut inflammation leads to systemic inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation in the brain  [1].
Research has demonstrated that high calorie, gluten-and-sugar-laden diets inhibit neuron (brain cell) growth and strengtheningВ  [3]. Decreased levels of BDNF have been found in individuals with depression, addiction and other mental health afflictions. Gluten sticks itself to nutrients in the food you eat, making them unable to be absorbed by the body.
Phytonutrients and polyphenols found in plants have also been shown to play a positive role in child development [4].
Some researchers estimate neurological disorders may occur in as many as 10-25% of all celiac patients!В [1] And while the CDC estimates celiac occurs in about 1% of the population, current research indicates the number is much higher, with gluten-related disorders affecting at least 10% of the general population [6]. If your child has chronic gut and brain inflammation, of course they will suffer in these areas, too. Your willingness to openly discuss something that’s still pretty nebulous, and do so without resorting to fear mongering, is admirable. She eats an amazing variety of food, and just about all of it far more nutritious than bread and pasta.
A Paleo diet improved her symptoms within a matter of days, and 4 years later she is happy and healthy 6 year old.
I’m sorry to hear about the behavioral issues and fatigue you are facing with your son.
You can slowly start to replace gluten products with gluten-free versions until you eventually remove those, too. All with different issues that are non existent as long as they avoid eating grain (and they can get away with some Gluten free things sometimes).
She adopted a Paleo Diet to lose weight after baby number 3, and quickly saw that the benefits of eating nutrient-rich, plant-and-animal-based foods could be a missing link for her entire family. Fast-forward five years, several hundred medical journal articles, conferences, seminars, and a personal health revolution later, and I am now convinced of the imperative for all people to eliminate this inflammatory food from their lives. This arm of the immune system instructs the “learned” or adaptive system, which employs B cells and T cells to build antibodies that continues to re-recognize the offending agent. Tissue transglutaminase antibodies also bind thyroid tissue causing gland destruction and recruitment of the immune system for repair.

Those eating high gluten diets can expect to undergo 1-3 weeks of withdrawal symptoms upon cessation. Essentially, going gluten-free should mean eliminating processed food from your life, which is why I have a low threshold to also recommend elimination of co-reactive foods like dairy (casein), corn, soy, and in some cases legumes (including peanuts), and gluten free grains like rice and millet. After reading this its obvious that even the GMO corn and rice products we consume may have to go byebye too, even if only for a season. We don’t have the ability to assess those for whom this is an issue and those for whom its not, at least not routinely. Like histamine intolerance, I suspect that gut dysbiosis is what underlies an inability to properly utilize glutamic acid. And I m also having a vagunal yeast infection (I only had it one time in my life after my c section 14 months ago because they gave me antibiotics in the surgery). I cut the gluten about 7 years ago and have come a long way in terms of my health and happiness. These cytokines cross the blood-brain barrier (the brain’s steel gate) and wreak havoc on the brain. This means a LARGE percentage individuals with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity are undiagnosed. It can be a challenge at times, especially as they get older and enter school, attend birthday parties, etc., but to me the benefits are too great to be ignored.
Keep checking in for articles on some of those other foods you mentioned (I have soy and dairy articles in the pipeline as we speak) as well as articles on other lifestyle factors that can aid development. In my article above, I acknowledge that the research on BDNF is not directly related to gluten consumption in stating “Children who consume large amounts of gluten and processed food tend to have higher-caloric intakes than those who are gluten-free. I told the Doctor that I choose to be gluten-free as it stops my IBS symptoms and chronic tiredness, she suggested I also put my son on a gluten-free diet anyway.
Those moments when all of the other kids have fish-shaped-artificial-garbage crackers and my kids gives me big puppy dog eyes is so difficult for me.
Our oldest 2 have been nail bitters and recently I have been surprised that the have suddenly stopped(They are 13 and 10). Importantly, transglutaminase deposits accumulate in blood vessels including the blood brain barrier. The inflammatory cytokine IL-15 is a shared mechanism for immune reactivity in Celiac disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and is thought to drive inflammation that is furthered by poor selenium absorption when the gut lining is compromised. Lectins promote intestinal inflammation and permeability, and then cause wide-spread and varied organ damage by binding with sugars in body tissues. After gut healing, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat may be less stimulatory as they are technically dicots and may not overlap as much with monocot grains.
Sorry, they’re not absorbing nearly as much vitamin C as you had hoped because the bread’s gluten has taken those nutrients hostage. Current research finds that many factors contribute to the development of behavioral, developmental, and mental health difficulties (genetics, trauma, exposure to toxins, nutrition, etc.). Range of Neurologic Disorders in Patients with Celiac Disease: It’s Many Faces and Relevance to Developmental Disabilities. For emergencies, the enzyme DPPIV is available over the counter andВ may helpВ aid in the digestion of gluten grains with “accidental” exposure.
They mistake certain brain cells for gluten proteins and then bind to these brain cells, causing inflammation.
This is something that is really difficult to do when writing about a bit of science as minimally researched as gluten’s effect on child development.
We keep our diet Primal (mostly paleo with the occasional cheese curds thrown in there), we let the kids have gluten free cereal with whole milk once in a while (its a treat and a big one ) or a gluten free baked good. I askend ifI should have some more blood work done in a little while and she said no that the thyroid antibodies aren’t real accurate in determining how much inflammation there is. It can be challenging when all the other kids are eating sandwiches and Gold fish crackers at school, and we have had our battles but the results we have had cannot be denied.

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