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Undeniably, GloZell Green knows how to reach and entertain an online audience bombarded with countless choices of what to watch. The Washington Times reports that — no joke — following his State of the Union address next Tuesday, the President will meet with video content creators GloZell, Hank Green and Bethany Mota.
Of course, one could find that among the oddball video offerings of one of Obama’s new “advisors,” Hank Green, there is a timely piece that speaks indirectly to a subject in which the Obama administration is certainly interested — same sex marriage. “Marriage Is What Bwings Us Togevah Today” was published just 10 days ago on Green’s YouTube channel and has already gotten close to 55,000 views.

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Presumably that’s why the President has invited this video guru and two other popular YouTube stars to the White House to talk with him about how best to sell his 2015 agenda to the American people.

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