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One in 20 people may have Gilbert’s Syndrome (or possibly more), but only one in three of those will be aware of it, and less than one in three will have any symptoms at all. Most Doctors use standard reference information that tells them to tell you that Gilbert’s Syndrome is harmless. Hi there, thanks for the comment, as you can read on the site hormones can trigger Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms, the menopause in women being a key lifestage trigger.
My symptoms are fatigue, abdominal pain, back pain, nausea, headaches, feeling dis-orientated, eyesight blurry and double vision.
Some websites say that GS is harmless with virtually no symptoms, while others say that it causes severe cramps and fatigue along with jaundice. Malcolm, yes, sunlamps can alleviate the jaundice, but it doesn’t stop you suffering from Gilbert’s Syndrome, or the fact that your liver can process fewer toxins than other people! My son was diagnosed with this when he was 15, we went to the doctors with various symptoms but the one we was most concerned about was he was having hallucinations and his eyes were going yellow. Gilbert’s syndrome, also called ‘familial non-haemolytic jaundice’, is a benign, inherited condition characterised by abnormality in a liver enzyme which is responsible for the metabolism of bilirubin.

Gilbert’s syndrome is an uncommon disorder which is usually detected in the pubertal age group. Individuals affected with Gilbert’s syndrome, generally do not present with any characteristic symptoms. The absence of any peculiar symptoms in Gilbert’s syndrome usually leads to its late diagnosis.
Gilbert’s syndrome is a genetic disorder which occurs as a result of genetic mutation in chromosome 2; this may in turn leads to abnormality in enzyme glucuronosyltransferase which is responsible for the bilirubin metabolism. However, information from scientific studies illustrates that you may experience a number of symptoms, including the most common one of jaundice, and that you need to be aware of certain chemicals, including prescription medication, that you are less able to cope with. It has been a roller coaster ride for me since, with numerous trips to the doctors, who seem to treat my like I am an idiot who imagines the symptoms.
I too have a demanding job as a charity Director, and I know that if I worked less I’d have fewer symptoms.
I was diagnosed with Gilbert’s recently, after a 2 week stay in hospital for something else.

GPs aren’t taught that Gilbert’s Syndrome has different genetic presentations, and so some people experience no symptoms, but unfortunately some of us experience them all too vividly! One of the biggest gaps in knowledge seems to be directly due to the lack of evidence from people with Gilbert’s Syndrome themselves. On top of this the repeated symptoms keep making me feel that there must be something more serious wrong with me. My symptoms include, dry mouth, pains in my tummy, fatigue, ibs, dizziness, dots in my eyes, anxity, hot sweats and just feeling crap.

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