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First of all, I hope that nobody here will be offend by my artwork, in the form of cartoon drawings depicting extremely obese people. My next cartoon shows a rather extreme example of an apple-shaped fat man and a pear-shaped fat person.
The first one is a cartoon of myself growing fatter and fatter in my quest for the ultimate obese body. The next pictures are of me growing fatter and fatter reaching the weight that I would really love to achieve someday, if possible.

My next cartoon drawing depict the ultimate perfection of the pear-shaped body and the apple-shaped body.
While millions suffer hunger every day, the West battles another problem entirely: people are getting fatter every day.
I'm 56 years old, 5 ft 6 in tall and I weigh close to 400 pounds, and I love being fat, and I would be perfectly happy and contented if I were to get even fatter. That is the best time for a young man who loves growing fatter and fatter to start going bald, because it make him look older than 21 years so that he will be able to go into any liquor store to purchase beer and he won't need to show an ID card to prove that he is old enough to drink booze.

All this is no doubt true, but it does not explain why Americans are fatter than people in other rich countries, nor why they appear to have stopped getting fatter. So if Americans have stopped getting fatter, their children have a better shot at staying trim.

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