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The creators of the GAPS diet,В Sidney Haas, MD and Elaine Gottschall, MSc, would argue that the GAPS diet cured her son of autism.
The actual diet aspect of GAPS encourages fermented foods, natural fats, and fresh vegetables. The supplement aspect of GAPS recommends taking vitamin A, probiotics, omega-3s, digestive enzymes, along with many other minerals and vitamins. The site is full of testimonials claiming victory from using the GAPS diet, but as of now there are no scientific studies which back up the effectiveness of GAPS as treatment for these various disorders.
The doctor raises wonderful points, especially considering the GAPS diet has had no research to prove its efficacy. Sorry, your article is so full of mistakes so I'm really asking you if you have some proof that there is no link between diet and Psycologial issues.
This is an interesting diet not because I believe it can cure autism but because diet CAN help improve many disorders.

A diet called the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) has made these tall claims that it can heal digestive disorders and consequential issues like autism, depression, and even ADHD. Donwt you think that people should know about a diet that can bring some hope, some improvement to tjeir children. The diet is a derivative of what was called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is broken into three main categories and intends to create healing for many ailments in the gut, which is claimed to lead to psychological healings, too.
However, this diet is supposed to work to heal and remedy serious medical and mental conditions. Parents just want to do right by their children and when diets like this surface, many are eager to get on board. We are so entrenched in the modern day diet, that its hard to get out of without something like GAPS that truly turns around the way you look at food. Campbell-McBride he referred to the people who have claimed that such diets have healed their children of autism.

If one of those spurts happens to occur after a new round of quackery, it’s very easy to conclude that the quackery was responsible.” Clearly he is not a supporter of the GAPS diet. In the case of this specific diet, though, I’m rubbed wrong as the website continuously tell readers to “buy the book.” In the question section, you’re asked not to ask a question unless you had first purchased and read the book as most answers are in the book.
So the Gaps diet did not cure her non existing son, maybe because in happened in the sixties, and the Gaps diet was created thirty years later, in the late nineties.

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