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This coconut flour pizza crust is in my GAPS Lunches Cookbook (and also on the back of my business card, so if we meet in person I can give you one! We were super strict for the last year on GAPS (we did a super slow intro and have gone back to intro several times), but have started loosening up a little. Aluminum free baking soda is permissible in moderation on full GAPS as it is allowed in the SCD diet. I just started the GAPS diet and at first was a little overwhelmed, but this post made me feel better that we all can’t be 100% all of the time!

Then today, I saw Cara’s post called GAPS Cheats-what to do if you cheat, how to cheat with minimal harm. It was all GAPS legal ingredients, but I believe that the nuts should be soaked to neutralize the phytates and make them more digestible. Almost, because it contains nonfat dry milk powder, which is not GAPS legal and not healthy.
When we first got our foster kids and there was a lot of stress in our life, I even drank black tea, which is not allowed on GAPS.

I love what Cara said, and I want to say this too: if you are on the GAPS Intro, do not cheat at all, or you will not see results. It is thick, and creamy, and wonderful (but not GAPS legal), and honestly, I would scoop on a lot more than this photo shows (and I’m not overweight in the slightest).

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