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If you are considering the GAPS diet or just wanting to know how to preserve or improve your families health, making bone broth is a simple but powerful culinary skill to master. If you are cooking meaty bones and want that meat to eat, check it after a couple of hours and remove the well cooked meat from the bones and put the bones back in the pot.
I recently discovered that broth with a thick layer of fat on it will stay good in the fridge for literally months. Thanks Patty!I was making bone broth for my kids since the start of intro (almost 5 months ago), but switched to meat broth after I heard this.I think we might switch back and forth so that they can get the benefits of both. I read in Weston a Price that if you do the bone broth, boil it for only 6-8 hours and it will help with the MSG. I have not made broth with wild duck but I have made it with domestic duck and it is wonderful!!!
So my advice is to let that pate float to the top and just drink some broth and save the pate for mixing into ground meat dishes. I had two questions for you regarding bone broth – I made a big batch about a week and a half ago from beef marrow bones.
It is also the first of the GAPS recipes that I have made so far, which later went on to become vegetable soup! I started out with purchasing 4 pounds of grass-fed organic beef bones, which the butcher then cut into pieces for me in order to expose the marrow.

Ladle the broth through a sieve on top of a wide mouthed canning funnel directly into jars and store in your refrigerator and freezer until you need them.
I am going to be starting GAPS and I have been searching for something with pictures and I finally found it. Thirdly it can have less gelatin than meat broth and a damaged gut really needs that gelatin to heal.
Since you control all of what is in your broth you don’t have to worry about allergies to hidden ingredients or cheap fillers. If making chicken soup you can get the fat off some chicken broth, melt it in your pot, sautГ© some onion and garlic in that then add the broth any other veggies and chicken and cook till everything is cooked through. My thinking was that everytime you have a bit of broth you would be getting all that good for you stuff. Using premade broth and left overs I can make soup from scratch for lunch in 20 min or less. Add some salt (this is a to taste issue and you can add it now or when you use the broth in a recipe.) The liquid should be pretty clear, depending on how fine your strainer is. For those following the GAPS Intro, bone broths are a staple, so you need to have a lot on hand. It is best to always start GAPS intro using meat broth and move on to bone broth after the first couple of stages are under you belt.

The bone broth may be a problem but for most people it is not so I would go ahead and make a pot of it and see. Certainly you can use chicken broth, but just for a change and also to get different nutrients and bone marrow, beef broth is key. Even some people who have been consuming bone broth for years will react to it at first on intro. You can always mix it in with meat broth or freeze it for later if you just can’t tolerate it yet. I had about 6lbs of bones so I have TONS of broth (2 crockpots worth) and just wondering how we are going to use it all up as bad as it tastes. I have made up several batches of chicken bone broth along with chicken meat broth and they all taste great, have great texture but the beef broth was very different experience.

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