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The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a 100% Raw Vegan Menu Plan with recipes for every meal of the day including Delicious Fresh Foods, Juices, Mylks, Teas, Fruits, and Veggies! Jinjee Garrick is a 47 year young Mother of five very healthy and intelligent children….and she still has her figure and her health.
As a raw food mom, she knows a great many of the pitfalls, challenges, short cuts, tips, tricks, and do's & dont's of the raw food diet. I started this Program because so many people think they need expensive supplements and superfoods to be healthy on a plant-based diet. Storm is an extreme athlete, sailor, mountain-climber, cyclist, martial artist and has been a champion at fencing and swimming. Storm has been eating The Garden Diet for 40 years and raised his children on it, so he had to find ways to make it fun, easy, nutritionally balanced and complete, and delicious! We believe in the importance of staying motivated and it is our goal to help motivate you to want to do the best you can for your health and energy! Our years of research and experimentation with healthy living have taught us that true health is a combination of three elements which must be balanced in ones life. Most people know that if you want to be healthy and beautiful, you have to eat right and exercise. Week One - Easing in to the cleanse with simple, easy, nutritious, and delicious raw detox recipes and herbal teas! In the first week you will experience a lightening of both your physical body and your emotional being. In the second week you will notice weight coming off, inches coming off, your face shape changing, your body weight redistributing, more muscle tone, your skin glowing, your eyes more clear and bright, increased desire to drink more water, and incredible inner peace and mental clarity. In the third week you will experience even more dramatic weight loss, rejuvenation, and beauty!
The Menu Plans include recommended substitutions, additions, and variations for the sugar-sensitive person, the person who is focused on healing, people kicking coffee, those who need to gain weight or need additional calories, pregnant and nursing Mothers, people who wish to focus on rapid weight loss during this program, and for those in areas where all the ingredients may not be available. Early Bird Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here! BONUS GIFTS -- Right now, when you sign up for this 2-Program special, you will also receive The Raw Empowerment Program with 4 special raw menu plans, The Raw Rumpus, and the Next Level Raw eBook!
Daily Support email with the day's Workout Schedule, Motivational Reading, Raw Education, Happiness Exercise and Journal Exercise. Daily walking schedule plus exercise routines requiring no equipment presented on streaming video and video downloads.
Raw meals, green juices, green smoothies, salads, wraps, nut milks, guilt-free deserts, cleansing drinks, herbal teas, and more! Share your Before, During, and After pictures in the Photo section in the Online Community!
I am sleeping better, I do not need a fan blowing at me and I breathe easier while sleeping.
At the same time I started on raw foods, July 3.11, I also started going to the gym mostly working on cardio and stretch. I read stories about how people who did Gastric Bypass celebrated 2 birthdays: Their actual birthday and the day they got the surgery done. Early Bird Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here! The following topics will be covered in our daily emails, videos, daily reading materials, and motivational materials in the 21 Day Program….All of these are designed to guide you step-by-step to a healthier, happier way of life!
In each day's instructions you will receive links to workout videos for The 21 Day Raw Cleanse to go with the diet plan so you can achieve maximum results with the greatest degree of safety. I would like to see you take this program if you are someone who needs inspiration and motivation to stick to a healthy eating plan.
If you are someone like Devon, Ana, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jacob, Laura, or Lisbeth in the Before and After photos on this site, people like me who couldn't be reached by the extremists in the raw movement but needed a common-sense, every-day approach to healthy eating that works for the long-term, that is flexible, that one can eat when pregnant or nursing, that is good for kids, that is good for athletes, and that allows one to experience good health as one gets older. If you are struggling with food addictions, compulsive eating, overeating, or eating disorders, I want you to take this program and be free, experience well-being, and find out how easy it is to love the healthiest foods on earth!
The evening before the Program starts, you will receive an email invitation to log in to The 21 Day Cleanse Raw Community, where you will be able to interact with the approximately 60 - 120 other new people who generally sign up at the beginning of a program, plus some of the now over 3000 lifetime members who have signed up since this cleanse first launched four years ago. Lifetime Membership Special: To sign up for a Lifetime Membership to both The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program, held back-to-back continuously for the Special Price of $137 click here! 3.) Take good quality Before and After Pictures showing a visible amount of weight loss comparable to the photos on this site. 4.) Write a Testimonial about how you did it, how you were able to stick with the menu and workouts, and what changes you experienced in your weight, health and well-being. Email the Before & After Pictures and Testimonial to us along with your permission allowing us to use them on our sites and social networks.
See testimonials and Before and Afters to find out what thousands of our graduates are experiencing!

Juicy, succulent fruits, especially berries of all kind—like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries—are the perfect antidote to rising temperatures. With an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 6552, one cup of blueberries can take care of your minimum daily recommendation of antioxidants and then some. On the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown you are invited to partake in two filling fruit smoothies as a central part of the program.
Well, by creating my version of the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush magic, I’m ecstatic to report over the past year I’ve lost about 25 lbs! I believe regularly alternating between the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush helped me to make the Fat Flush family of plans a true eating lifestyle FOR ME—completely fulfilling my needs on every level. Although the combinations of berries you can use in smoothies are literally endless, two of my absolute favorites are blackberries and raspberries with a pinch of ginger, and cinnamon, strawberries, and blueberries with a squeeze of lime.
I cannot tell you wonderful it feels to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing my success with the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush plans with my Meal Planning Maven clients—who in turn are experiencing fantastic results! The Smoothie Shakedown is a wonderful program to catapult you on your own journey to optimum health and wellness—and you can continue to enjoy mouth-watering Fat Flush Body Protein fruit smoothies long after you’ve reached and maintained your goals. I did fat flush several yrs ago and want to do again, I am on natural thyroid meds when should I take meds cause I need 30 or more mins before the special fiber drink. Wini, there are a lot of natural sugars in fruit, however this plan utilizes those fruits lowest on the glycemic index.
Get the Latest from Ann LouiseGet weekly breaking health news, tips, and information to empower your journey to health.
It is about doing your best and going easy on yourself, remembering it gets easier with practice!
Still, if you have a serious medical condition please consult with your doctor before following this program. These items have a long shelf-life and are often addictive, which is why they line the pockets of those who sell them. His journey has seen him through the lean skinny days of early raw-veganism and through the rebuilding of a body-builder's physique through his own version of a 100% raw vegan diet, The Garden Diet. On The Garden Diet one is able to get all the nutrients one needs including the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, macronutrients, enzymes, calories, and even protein and vitamin B12, directly from raw vegan foods and the simple recipes made with these ingredients. This program nourishes your inner emotional body with journal writing exercises, happiness exercises, positive thinking strategies, and daily motivational reading, which together help to inspire you to make the best choices for your health! Our simple and easy exercise program ensures you will not only feel great, but look great too!
Through our daily motivation you'll discover the treasures of joy and creativity within you and ignite a love of life that will effortlessly change the way you take care of yourself! You will enjoy your body transformation and your new way of relating to your body, your health and your mind!
Creative thoughts, a sense of direction and purpose, and insights into all kinds of things (life, who you are, what you want, nature's beauty, all you have to be grateful for) are not uncommon in this phase.
When you receive your forum invite the night before the next start date, log in to our Support Community Forum. Shop for the ingredients outlined in the first 21 Day Cleanse Shopping List on the Saturday and Sunday before the next start date. Spend about 20 minutes a day on the materials for the day each of the 21 days to keep you motivated and inspired! Prepare the recipes, do the exercises, enjoy the delicious meals, and experience transformation! The winter months ahead in 2012 were somewhat challenging since I was resorting to juices and salads and shakes. He lost 20 pounds and has learned that he can reach for a piece of fruit or vegetable and be delighted by the taste. Vegetable Juicer - any vegetable juicer will work fine (around $100 at a home store), but my favorite is the Breville Elite Juice Fountain for its ease of use and cleaning, and affordable price. This way of eating is helpful for digestion, healing the digestive organs, and maximizing nutrient absorption. This provides concentrated nutrition that is easier to digest and that totally nourishes your body on a cellular level, while allowing your digestive system to rest.
It takes in to consideration the amount of calories you are taking in during each day of the cleanse and adjusts accordingly. If you need fast, simple, and delicious recipes to be able to eat raw happily, if you are tired of spending tons of money on supplements and superfoods, if you could use some help getting inspired to work out, and if you will be so happy with your results you will want to share them with the world!
We hope this will give you the incentive to stick with the program and thereby achieve your health goals! I’ve been plagued by complex estrogen dominance, perimenopause, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, and thyroid issues for years, but this past year my levels in all areas really went out of control.
Plus, I’m wearing two dress sizes smaller and recently gave away almost an entire wardrobe of clothes.

Naturally, ALL Fat Flush foods are superstars, but if I had to choose the biggest and best, it would have to be Body Protein. You can also lose weight following the Fat Flush Plan, which uses food more than smoothies, as meals. I can totally do this, I thought, as I laughed evilly at my waif of a 97-pound co-worker Sarah, who signed on for a 21-day detox diet. The program also inlucludes our fun and highly effective exercise program delivered via online videos.
And keep dropping weight after the cleanse with your new skills, habits, mind-set, and outlook! But they do very little if any good at all for you, and some of them are even extremely harmful, and can prevent the absorption of real nutrients, even going so far as to totally deplete your body of nutrients!
He does not use supplements, super foods, dried or dehydrated foods or powders, but maintains that the best source of usable nourishment is directly from the freshest organic raw fruits and vegetables available!
Take the guess-work out of raw foods with our menu plan which has been tried, tested and optimized over 40 years!
You will learn how to "think positively" more consistently and see the amazing health benefits of this practice! With comforting herbal sun-teas you will not experience any uncomfortable detox symptoms, caffeine withdrawal headaches, or flue-like tiredness and aches! He learned that ice-cream makes him hike slower and that he feels better when eating lighter. I never would have thought of using cilantro and parsley as the base but it is so delicious"!
I was taking 4 pills each day and after 10 days on the diet I am down to 1 pill each day". We are so excited about the positive changes you will experience on our programs, the quality of life and incredible levels of health and well-being you will enjoy, that we would be absolutely delighted to refund your money as a celebration of your success! My energy level and ability to concentrate on my clients and my personal life have vastly improved. Not only is it delicious and filling, I absolutely credit this unique plant-based formulation for resetting my metabolism and allowing me to lose the weight and keep it off.
When my supplies run out, I look for Cascadian Farms and Woodstock Farms on sale at my local organic food store. I have gained it back and have tried to diet last year on fat flush and other diets with almost no results.
Its an ultra Fat Flush and can be done without meat if you use poultry or fish as your protein for the one meal daily. I’ve always thought that you were either on the Fat Flush program (or Detox Plan or Shakedown Plan) or not. And it also includes our Ground-Breaking 21 Day Well-Being Program cultivating happiness, an often-forgotten but fundamental key to long-lasting health and true beauty! My baby and I almost died from my addiction to one of the most popular superfoods on the raw food market today; raw cacao! You will find out what types of foods work best for you to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate with. He is planning on making some life style changes although he won't be 100% raw, he is excited about what this program did for him and made him realize and he is supportive of what I what to do in the future. One of the most important things that I have achieved just in these 21 days is the beautiful peace and freedom I feel. The motivational segment of this program Includes daily journaling exercises and motivational reading to increase your emotional well-being!
And though vegetarian in my food habits, nothing I did allowed me to lose weight for any significant length of time. When we eat more food than the body can handle it stuffs food anywhere it can and the cleansing systems overload and basically shut down. Our idea of cleansing is to stop that onslaught and thus allow the body to eliminate naturally.
I now can not make myself eat meat and with my very busy schedule I don’t have time to cook.
I’ve come off vegan cooked foods and am back onto raw with renewed enthusiasm because I have some great menus with the support of The Garden Diet Program.
I love what Ann has to offer and have every one of her books and have even met her at the Green House in Texas.

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