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If you’ve got serious health problems, he offers a restrictive diet plan where sugar,В starchyВ vegetables, and grains are cut out for six weeks.
For the rest of us, eating a wide variety of fruit aids in cancer and disease prevention, and contains all sorts of detoxifying vitamins and minerals.
Fruit juice is used as a sweetener in all kinds of foods, including in some enteral feeding products. For enteral feeding products in particular, there is absolutely no use for fruit juice as an ingredient other than lowering production costs for the maker. Fruisana® Fruit Sugar is pure crystalline fructose, a natural sugar, not an artificial sweetener.
Fruisana® Fruit Sugar looks and tastes just like ordinary sugar (sucrose), and is the same granular texture.
Fruit sugar is nearly twice as sweet as ordinary sugar and consumers can use up to a third less than they would otherwise use. Fruit sugar has the additional advantage of the lowest Glycaemic Index (GI = 19) of all the common sugars and does not cause the rises and falls in blood sugar levels associated with sucrose, glucose or even honey. Diabetics may use fruit sugar sparingly (up to 25g - 40g per day) as an alternative to artificial sweeteners or ordinary sugar, because of its limited effect on blood sugar levels, provided this consumption is counted towards the daily carbohydrate allowance. Fruisana® Fruit Sugar may be used in the home in just the same way as ordinary sugar, but using less to achieve the same sweetness level. Recipe booklets are also available free from the Fruisana® Information Bureau, details below. It’s a good question on an oft-misunderstood issue of the different kinds of sugar and how the body metabolizes them.

Mark Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution, he discusses the restorative qualities of fruits and veggies that heal the body.
This plan is for people who have sky-high blood pressure among other health problems, and aren’t just for the average healthy person. Our body needs the natural sugar in fruit to survive, and it DOESN’T need added sugar from other sources. The benefits of eating fruit are expansive and far-reaching, so you should eat a wide variety of fruit and instead focus on removing refined sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet. But fruit is less likely to endanger your daily calorie totals than that tempting donut or a box of chocolates. Using fruit juice, either from concentrate or fresh, is a way to add calories, replace fats and, of course, sweeten the taste of a product.
Fruit juice adds bulk and often appealing color to a product and it is much cheaper than other ingredients.
Fruit sugar (fructose) occurs naturally in fruits and in honey and nearly 50% of the dry weight of apples, pears and grapes may be fruit sugar. Since gram-for-gram fruit sugar is the same calorie count as ordinary sugar, dieters who prefer a natural sugar to artificial sweeteners can usefully use Fruisana® Fruit Sugar in their calorie controlled diet as an alternative to ordinary sugar, since they can cut back their sugar intake with no loss of taste. It thus avoids provoking the hunger pangs that many experience after eating or drinking something sweet, and therefore does not stimulate an unnecessary tendency to snack. It can be added to cereals or stirred into drinks, used in baking and preserving, and sprinkled onto fresh fruit. At all other times, and on bank holidays, an answerphone operates and calls will be returned next working day.

Fruisana®Fruit Sugar is distributed exclusively in the UK by Forum Health Products Ltd. Porridge, Weetabix and unflavoured shredded wheat are good choices, as is plain buttered toast with marmite or a meat or cream cheese spread.
If given the choice between a product with “all natural ingredients” and something else, it seems logical that a health-conscious person would go the all-natural route. While you may be getting “real fruit juice,” you’re also getting an extremely unhealthy amount of sugar.
Fruisana® is thus perceived by many consumers as a healthier alternative to ordinary sugar, and appeals to many who seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It actively enhances the flavour of many fresh fruits (especially strawberries) and is an aid to baking since it browns at approx 20В°C lower temperature than ordinary sugar. If this is your sole means of nutrition, you’re putting yourself at risk for obesity, diabetes and a myriad of potential heart, liver and kidney issues. And because Fruisana® is a natural sugar, it tastes just like ordinary sugar with none of the aftertastes associated with some artificial sweeteners. The high levels of fructose present in some enteral feeding products and consumer foods serve to dramatically increase a person’s blood-sugar and a diet of these extreme high-sugar foods put people at risk for type 2 diabetes. Pasta, potatoes and rice are great with anything as long as you are careful about the sugar content of the sauces.

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