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Limit yourself to a maximum of 1 serving of fresh local seasonal fruit per day – particularly if you are trying to lose weight.
There is a simple turnaround to easy weight control and health by elimination or at least limiting your total Fructose intake to less than 10 grams per day. Many groups including dieticians, weight reduction schemes and some advisory bodies keep pushing the fruit barrow. It is better than a lot of refined sugar in food but fruit still has a fair load of fructose.
The natural source of sugar is fruit and we are meant at a primitive level to search for that sweetness generally at the end of summer, gorge upon the fruit and elegantly metabolise it to fat for winter storage. My issue is not with eating whole fruit as much as it is with the quantity and frequency that we currently take in. Fruit has been around for billions of years but most of our early exposure as cavemen was around the tropics in Africa 50000 – 60000 years ago.

The wild fruits varied in availability, size and taste depending on the tree, soil type and obvious environmental factors. Modern fruit production includes soil management, controlled environments and a variety of chemicals to produce the quantity and consistency required for the modern supermarket. I have nothing against fruit and believe that there is plenty of goodness in fruit but to me, it should be up to ONE piece of LOCAL and SEASONAL fruit per day. Fruit varieties are now being designed with more sugar and less fibre to improve transportability and shelf life. They also acknowledge that this group were leaner, less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise, and more likely to use multivitamin supplements and that they also consumed more fruits and vegetables and drank more alcohol. My reading around this topic points to a variety of fruits being competed for by humans, birds, animals and insects. Fruit when eaten whole has fibre in it which slows the absorption of fructose and is good for the bowel.

This is a guide only and especially for those trying to lose weight – ONE piece of LOCAL and SEASONAL fruit per day. The concentrated sugar and lower fibre content with additional processing mean to me that Modern fruit is different. Other whole fruits (not dried) are not bad and if you eat them with the skin (well washed) then you get the fibre as well. No racing down to the supermarket and filling up the SUV with juicy, perishable fruit from another country.

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