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Meet raspberry ketones: the 'all natural' supplement that's recently exploded onto the weight loss scene (as well as everywhere from Amazon to Wowcher) promising to boost energy, metabolism and elimination (yep, that means pooing) while decreasing appetite so you end up leaner and lighter simply by taking a pill. Internet forums are filled with people who have fallen victim to this scam, like user M Dee who said:"I had [the pills] for 2 days only as I experienced severe cramps.
Weight loss: Impossible without reducing calories and exercising, says Professor Melinda Manore after studying a range of diet pillsDiet supplements are often advertised as ‘extreme fat burners’ or ‘craving quashers’. Jill Barker, 48, from Glastonbury, Somerset, gave up dairy five years ago and says it has transformed her energy levels, figure and mood.‘I felt sluggish, was piling on the pounds and couldn’t find a way to keep my weight under control,’ says Jill, who lives with her husband Jonathan and their 15-year-old son, and runs a holiday cottage rental company.

Here's Barbara Ford's experience with an entirely different company:"I saw an advert on Facebook for a free trial, and was advised only package and shipping would be charged. But there’s no evidence that cutting out dairy has any particular benefit for weight loss‘From an evolutionary perspective, eating dairy products is relatively recent,’ says Dr John Briffa, a leading expert in nutrition and author of Escape The Diet Trap.
But there’s no evidence that cutting out dairy has any particular benefit for weight loss.‘In fact, when we compare people on two diets with the same amount of calories, the group who are having milk and dairy tend to lose more weight and more body fat. I contacted [the pill provider] again via email, this time they replied, conveniently after the 14-day trial period saying that they would get back to me in 3 working days.


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