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Most importantly, this weight loss hypnosis mp3 and CD fills your entire being with the confidence, the desire, and the determination to put those ideas into action.
This hypnosis session starts with a deep induction that is soothing and peaceful, and will remove all stress from your being. This weight loss hypnosis MP3 download and CD contains advanced & specific suggestions and affirmations to reach the highest level of success possible. From there, you will experience specific affirmations and statements that will help you in your weight loss journey.
This course uses a customized hypnosis script specifically designed for weight loss, neuro-associative techniques & methods such as NLP, and the power of motivational suggestion & inspiration.

Hypnotic voices and rhythmic beats swirling around your mind… Multi-layered Weight Loss HypnosisMy Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3s are totally different from traditional hypnosis CDs. This unique weight loss hypnosis mp3 and CD feeds your mind with information and ideas to help you do all that is required for you to gain control back over your weight issues. Normal weight loss hypnosis CDs contain a single voice monologue, offering one suggestion after another. The best hope you have is to get so bored you fall asleep and hope it sunk in.My Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3s contain multiple suggestion tracks which sweep around your mind in a very designed way. It may seem totally bonkers to you now – but somewhere deep down there may be a subconscious motive to not lose weight.

Outlines the psychology behind weight loss hypnosis, and gives some great self-hypnosis exercises.

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