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Cookbook co-authors Denise and Ross Weale both graduated from Johnson and Wales Culinary School, located in Providence, Rhode Island. Together, we thought our colitis diet cookbook would be a great way to share the culinary creations that helped Ross while trying to deal with the ups and downs of ulcerative colitis. What I really like about foods like this is that not only does it work well for my colitis, but you can change it up on the spicing as you like.

Sauerkraut that has not been heated contains probiotics which I think are great for ulcerative colitis. A short time later, in 1990, symptoms led Ross’ gastroenterologist to diagnose him with ulcerative colitis.
After 4 plus years on smoothies to help control colitis and then a year and half off them, I’m back on the smoothie train and loving it.

She is doing much better with her colitis and now with these recipes I will be able to fatten her up a little.

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