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Olive oil is composed mainly of triacylglycerols (triglycerides or fats) and contains small quantities of free fatty acids (FFA), glycerol, phosphatides, pigments, flavor compounds, sterols, and microscopic bits of olive.
Please note that we are dealing here with fatty acids forming part of the triacylglycerol molecule. A fatty acid has the general formula:В CH3(CH2)nCOOHВ where n is typically an even number between 12 and 22. While the worldwide market recognizes the importance of modern-day standardization for grade definitions of olive oil, arriving at a comprehensive, international standard may become more confusing in the near future, before it becomes clearer.

The manual defines the standardized process for inspection, testing and authentication and provides a path for authentication and USDA certification through voluntary laboratory testing. Chemically speaking, these are molecules derived from the natural esterification of three fatty acid molecules with a glycerol molecule. The fatty acid composition of olive oil varies widely depending on the cultivar, maturity of the fruit, altitude, climate, and several other factors.
Producers in countries like Germany and Australia are pushing for even more stringent standards that are reflective of unique attributes resulting from terroir and climate, including test parameters for quality and freshness, measured by pyropheophytin (PPP) and diacylglycerols (DAGs).

The glycerol molecule can simplistically be seen as an "E-shaped" molecule, with the fatty acids in turn resembling longish hydrocarbon chains, varying (in the case of olive oil) from about 14 to 24 carbon atoms in length. Producers in the Northern European trade have incorporated these testing parameters into their measurements since 2006, but these are not considered widespread requirements for grade definition.

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