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Dexsil's HydroSCOUT, Titra-Lube TBN and Titra-Lube TAN on-site test kits bring lubricant testing out of the laboratory and into the field. Designed to be used by non-technical personnel, the kit can accurately detect acid build-up in less than 5 minutes at the job site.
Dexsil's full service analytical laboratory provides environmental analysis on a timely basis at reason­able cost.
Analysis of lubricating fluids historically involves difficult testing that must be performed in a laboratory at considerable cost. TBN is the measure of reserve alkalinity (base) added to lubricating oils to protect the engine from the corrosive effects of acids formed during the combustion of fuels containing sulfur.
These oils can be analyzed for total acid number quickly and easily by incorporating Titra-Lube TAN test kits in your preventive maintenance schedule.

ASTM Method D-664 The following chart illustrates a direct comparison between results obtained with the Titra-Lube TAN Kit and those obtained by laboratory method ASTM 0- 664. Analysis time is less than 10 minutes utilizing a sam­pling syringe, one test tube and one breakable ampule. Analysis time is less than 5 minutes utilizing a sampling syringe, one test tube and one breakable ampule.
Standard turnaround time for all analyses is five working days, and one day turnaround is avail­able for most analyses.
HydroSCOUT, Titra-Lube TBN and TAN test kits provide technical or non-technical personnel the ability to achieve accurate, reliable data in a minimal amount of time.
Accurate monitoring of fluids for increased acid number can reduce costly repair or replacement of equipment.

Our on-site test kits have eliminated the use of chlorinated solvents and other toxic chemicals associated with current methods.
Our on-site test kits are fast and easy to use and eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming laboratory methods.

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