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Each type of fat has unique physical (such as boiling point) and chemical (such as degree, location, and configuration of unsaturation) properties. Another article in this Reporter covers the analysis of FAMEs by boiling point elution (1).
Short chain, volatile fatty acids are typically analyzed in the free form using specialized columns.
For the GC analysis of free fatty acids, a specialized column that will not allow the adsorption of active carboxyl groups is required. Figures 1-3 show chromatograms of various free fatty acid mixes on several dimensions of the Nukol, using both isothermal and oven temperature programmed run conditions. Standards for the determination of free fatty acids should be purchased from a chemical manufacturer with knowledge in the preparation, handling, storage, and shipment of volatile analytes. Measuring and reporting of the fatty acid content of food is an important step that allows consumers the chance to establish a healthy dietary strategy. Analysis with packed columns gives simplified chromatograms, but often with much of the essential information.

Fatty acids which co-chromatograph on a given column will often be separable on one of the others.
Both phases give excellent separations of fatty acid esters of a given chain-length that differ in degree of unsaturation. Obviously, much better analyses of the pure compounds can now be obtained with the same phases in WCOT columns. Indeed, the C22 fatty acids are possibly almost as well separated as on a polar column of the same length. Because of its commercial importance, milk fat has provided many analysts with a challenge. Many different stationary phases have been used for milk fat analyses, and there is no clear favourite.
In contrast, polar phases in packed and WCOT columns were used for the unusual fatty acids from retina.
An application of this procedure to the analysis of kapok seed oil is illustrated in Figure 5.14.

On-column injection techniques with WCOT columns of course present fewer problems to the analyst.
As might be expected, the greatest errors were experienced in estimating butyric acid in milk fat. This group of compounds may be referred to as free fatty acids (FFAs), volatile fatty acids (VFA), or carboxylic acids. The Nukol™, with its acidic character, is well suited for this application, allowing chromatography with excellent peak shapes. Nukol capillary GC columns and specially formulated chemical standards are quite suitable for the application shown in this article, GC analyses of free fatty acids.
The analysis of fatty acids in the free form instead of as fatty acid methyl esters results in easier and quicker sample preparation.

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