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Recipe Cookbook is free recipe software that will allow you to experiment and organize in the kitchen. The Recipe Cookbook interface is basic but functional, with a selection of search and organizing functions. First you can download a free recipe PowerPoint template from this website to be used us a cookbook template. Then you can open PowerPoint and create a new slide for your PowerPoint cookbook presentation. By using recipes cookbook PowerPoint presentation you canВ delight yourВ guests at aВ business meeting dinner orВ meeting of camaraderie.

It comes with over 2,000 recipes from varying sources, and, of course, you can add your own creations to the database using the Recipe Cookbook templates. The recipes that Recipe Cookbook already stores are a real mix.
Some (but not a significant number) are in Norwegian and recipe types range from cocktails and dips to breads and hotpots. You can also add your own notes. Recipe Cookbook allows you to sort through the recipes by language, country of origin, category and ingredient, and you can modify existing recipes or delete ones you don't like. Finally, Recipe Cookbook lets you print and email recipes directly. Unfortunately, Recipe Cookbook has plenty of faults.

Lots of the configuration settings seem to be modifiable, but unfortunately we just couldn't figure out how. Despite this, Recipe Cookbook has a certain charm.
It contains lots of recipes that you would be unlikely to find elsewhere and, even if there is no telling how good they will be, it would be fun to test them out. Recipe Cookbook is eccentric but interesting cookbook software where the recipes alone merit a second look.

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