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A common cause of multiple food allergies, according to many food allergy experts, is what is referred to as a “leaky gut” – or increased intestinal permeability. Treatment of leaky gut syndrome must concentrate on removing the root causes in order to encourage the gut to heal.
Correcting the altered permeability can have an immediate effect on relief of symptoms and a gradual improvement in the underlying condition.В  We just cannot overlook the important connection between the health of the human body and the integrity of the gut wall. Ultimately, healing the gut should be the primary focus of many autoimmune diseases today.В  This will go a long way in reducing the inflammatory and immune processes involved in such diseases.В  We need to ensure that we are treating the underlying cause and not just masking the symptoms!!
Kim Maes, CNC, AADP, known as the Allergy Free Food Coach, is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Certified in the Practical Application of Food Allergy Guidelines..
Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick mention of that because like celiac disease, Hereditary Hemochromotosis is often overlooked by physicians (but in fact, it is one of the most common genetic diseases in the world, just like celiac disease!). I have yet to write a post on this because I am still in my learning phase but iron is so tricky. I now (selfishly) wish they wouldn’t fortify foods with iron and leave that one for the multivitamins.
Kim, I will send you an email shortly with the information about some different companies that specialize in digestive enzymes for people with autism.
So, the anti-gliadin tests can indicate a leaky gut and a positive anti-gliadin test DOES indicate that a person is mounting an immune response to gluten proteins in their blood stream. Now, that may or may not lead to celiac disease, which by definition is a condition where the intestinal wall is damaged when a person eats gluten (but casein can also cause villous atrophy in and of itself).
Molecular mimicry is the process in which the antibodies not only attack the amino acid structure in food proteins (like gluten), but because our own human tissues can contain very similar or identical amino acid sequences as the offending food protein, the antibodies not only attack the toxic food proteins, but they can also attack our own tissues, resulting in autoimmune disease! Thanks for sharing this information, I have just discovered I have been suffering from a Leaky Gut for years and suspect my children are too.
I have just found out I have nutrient deficiencies, bad digestion, sluggish liver, severe candida and leaky gut to top it all off!!!
My Mom has been batttling with this syndrome which has eventually been diagnosed by a gastro-enterologist , for about a year and a half. I know it is different for everybody, but I was wondering how long it takes (on average) to heal leaky gut syndrome.
I learned I had leaky gut when I tried Lyn-Genet Recitas’ The Plan which is supposed to eliminate inflammation in the body by seeing what foods you are reactive to. This article is meant to shine some light on how to treat Leaky Gut Syndrome and why the SCD Diet is such a critical component to it. The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of “Hyperpermeable Intestines,” a fancy medical term that means the intestinal lining has became more porous, with more holes developing that are larger in size and the screening out process is no longer functioning properly. If you’re having sensitivities to more than a dozen foods, you likely have leaky gut. Symptoms of Leaky Gut can vary from person to person depending on the level of damage and the tissues being affected.
We’ve put together a 3-min leaky gut quiz, which will examine the most important risk factors in your body and provide a custom analysis of your likelihood of having a leaky gut. When lining of mucosal barrier starts to wear off, this is the point where leaky gut starts to develop. ItВ occurs when the intestinal lining of the gut begins to break down, thus allowing undigested food particles and other things to pass through the walls of the intestine and into the blood stream.
Some of the things that can now pass through include proteins like gluten, bad bacteriaВ and undigested foods particles. While there is no medication that treats this condition, there are plenty of naturalВ itemsВ that will help healВ the intestinal lining and bring it back to a pristine state, and I will go over all this below.
The most common food items that can damage your intestinal lining are the proteins found in un-sprouted grains, sugar, GMO’s, and conventional dairy. The problem with unsprouted grains is they contain large amounts of nutrient blockers called phytates and lectins.
Lectins are found in many foods, not just grains, butВ if you consumeВ themВ in smaller amounts, your body will beВ just fine. Sprouting &В fermenting grains reduces phytates and lectins, and makes these foods easier to digest, and this is why I am a huge supporter of sprouted grain bread.
Grains that contain gluten damage your intestinal lining,В so while you are working to heal your system, stay away from all grains especially ones that contain gluten like wheat.В  Once your gut is healthy,В add grains back into your diet that have been fermented and sprouted. The component of dairy that will harm your gut is the protein A1 Casein, as well asВ the pasteurization process thatВ will destroy vital enzymes making sugars like lactose very difficult to digest.
Stress weakens the immune system over time which cripples your ability to fight off foreign invaders like bad bacteria and viruses leading to inflammation and leaky gut.  To reduce stress, try to get more sleep, schedule fun into your week, rest more, meditate or exercise and hang out with positive uplifting people. We come into contact with over 80,000 chemicals and toxins every single year but the worst offenders for causing leaky gut include antibiotics, pesticides, tap water, aspirin, and NSAIDS. Finally, one of the leading causes of leaky gut is a condition called dysbiosis,which means an imbalance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut. One of the biggest warning signs that you may have leaky gut can be that you’re experiencing multiple food sensitivities.
This allergic response doesn’t mean you’ll break out in a rash, but it can lead to one of the symptoms I’ve mentioned above.  And, if left un-repaired can lead to more severe health issues like inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue. According to the Journal of Diabetes there is a strong body of evidence pointing to leaky gut as a major cause of autoimmune diseases including Type 1 Diabetes. One particular issue I want to touch on with leaky gut, is how it can affect the brain.  If you’ve ever seen a child with autism experience a mood swing, this can be caused by intestinal permeability.

This is also why leaky gut has been linked to other psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.
Here's the good news, aВ damaged gut responds well to certain foods, herbs and supplements, a clean diet and healthy lifestyle choices. Probiotics are myВ number one item on fighting Leaky GutВ due to their proven health benefits in the intestines. Candida is a fungus that attaches itself to the lining of the intestines, causing inflammation, irritation, and damage to the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract.
These items contain both probiotics and SCFA’s that can help heal the gut.  Pastured kefir, Greek yogurt, butter, and raw cheese are some of the best. These foods contain organic acids that balance intestinal pH and probiotics to support the gut.  Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kvass are excellent sources. Fiber protects the gut while sweeping fungus, harmful bacteria and other pathogens quickly out of the system.
Chia seeds, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds that have been sprouted are great sources of fiber that can help support the growth of beneficial bacteria. Also, consuming foods that have anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats are beneficial such as grass-fed beef, lamb, and wild caught fish like salmon.
This amino acid has been shown to repair damaged tissue in the intestinal lining, as well as promoting tissue regrowth and regeneration in the gut.
Since leaky gut syndrome contributes to malabsorption of many nutrients, it's important to supplement the diet.
Your immune system essentially makes a mistake by treating this food as something dangerous to your body and will overreact to the ingredient in food (usually a protein) by creating antibodies to fight it. These include nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory bowel disease, poor digestion,В and food allergies. Eat fermented foods such as yogurt, Kefir (read my previous post all about the benefits of Kefir), Natto, naturally fermented vegetables, sourdough bread (Sharon from The Fresh Loaf , The Sourdough Companion and Dr. She is also the creator of the Cook It Allergy Free iPhone and iPad Apps and the Cook It Allergy Free website, where she shares her passion for teaching others how easy and delicious it can be to eat whole, pure allergy-friendly meals that the entire family will enjoy. You are correct in that hemochromatosis can have potentially devastating results if not caught prior to a vitamin regime that included additional iron and even additional Vitamin C! Ron Hoggan has a GREAT explanation about celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, leaky gut and autoimmune disease in Cereal Killers: Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free A to Z (Chapter 2). I have managed to heal my leaky gut through supplements and diet but I still have annoying thrush and a severe B12 deficiency, my GP is useless, I am currently saving up to see a Holistic Nutritionist.
I’ve read that fermented foods can be better than probiotic capsules, as fermented foods are often cheaper and have more good bacteria. Fermented foods are actually a much better way to add beneficial bacteria back into your body than supplements. Many of the causes and cures of Leaky Gut are widely debated, but Doctors are becoming more aware of the condition and ways to treat it. The fallout results in larger, undigested food molecules and other “bad stuff” (yeast, toxins, and all other forms of waste) that your body normally doesn’t allow through, to flow freely into your bloodstream.
Initially, your Liver is called into action to work overtime and try to screen out all the particles that your intestinal lining was supposed to be taking care of. Now that your body is focused on fighting the large war, the little battles are starting to be ignored, like filtering out the blood, calming inflamed areas of the body, fighting bacteria, regulating the gut, etc.
Even chemicals normally found in foods such as Phenols and Glycerin can now trigger immune responses when they enter the body. Any undigested foods that are absorbed into the blood stream are now considered enemies of the state, and your immune system will develop reactions to many of them, leading to food intolerances.
Of course, the caveat is severe food allergies such as gluten to a Celiac or deadly peanut allergies.
Multiple Food Sensitivities can be a sign that your immune system is developing antibodies to everything you’re eating. My son (recovering from autism) and myself (celiacs and crohn’s) both had an ELISA IgG Food Allergy Panel done at our allergists office.
Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your blood stream causing an immune reaction. But foods that have large amounts of lectins like wheat, rice, spelt, and soy are more problematic. For this reason, I only recommend buying dairy that is raw and from: A2 cows, goat’s, sheep, or buffalo.
For many, this imbalance can begin at birth because of a C-section or because the mother didn’t have a healthy gut herself. Autism, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease and colitis stem from the inflammation triggered by a leaky gut. Gluten & Casein-Free Diet’s have proven effective for many children with autism because these proteins can leak through the gut and act on the brain similarly to an opioid drug.
By cutting back on orВ eliminating completely white sugar, gluten, processed foods, dairy (specifically cow's milk, Greek yogurt and kefir are actually helpful because of their probiotic activity), refined carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine, and eating plenty ofВ high-fiber, nutrient-dense wholeВ foods.
Because a major contributing factor to LGS is inflammation in the intestines, reducing the amount of candida albicans which may be present in the gut can make a significant difference in healing. But if you have severe leaky gut, you may need to start out getting your fiber from steamed vegetables and fruit.

I personally think the best can a patient do when suffering from leaky gut syndrome is to take a Vega Test (performed by alternative medicine practitioners) and see the underlying causes such as how bad is intestinal dysbiosis, the most damaged organs in terms of inflation, the accumulation of toxins and start a treatment accordingly.
If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner.
The symptoms develop when the antibodies are actively attacking the “invader” – the offending food. There is a vicious cycle involved with these internal factors since the leaky gut also causes them or contributes to their severity. Fiber ensures that bulk is formed in the colon and toxic wastes are absorbed and gently eliminated. I have a guest post coming up this week that directly relates to some of the info you have shared on autoimmune illnesses linked to intestinal permeability.
In most cases, the liver has no chance of keeping up with the constant flow of waste into your blood and all the toxins, undigested food molecules, yeast, and other pathogens start to accumulate in your body. This process flow can lead to your body fighting itself and an array of autoimmune diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, MS, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, and Fibromyalgia. When you have a Leaky Gut condition, the damaged microvilli along the intestinal lining cannot manufacture the digestive enzymes they need to break down the food for proper digestion. Nutritional deficiencies are a sign of lacking vitamins and minerals from the improper breakdown of food in your intestines. I now have pretty severe leaky gut (undigested food showing up in fecal matter), severe bloating and food sensitivities, but the most alarming is SEVERE asthma with NO family history. I have to eat super clean here, whereas I grew up on pizza, burritos, cereal, toast…I would DIE if I ate that stuff now.
Physicians and natural medicine practitioners both agree, that the foundation of ourВ health is located within the bowel, and combating disease involves healing a distressed and failing gut.
The overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs, tap water with chlorine and fluoride, and the lack of probiotic rich foods contribute to this imbalance of good and bad bacteria. Malabsorption of nutrients, candida and parasitic infections along with food sensitivities and allergies are also connected with this syndrome.
When taking a probiotic, be sure to find a brand that is reputable, refrigerated, and with a beneficial bacteria count upwards of ten million (per serving). As the biggest mistake in our century is that people are going to a doctor with a hope of treating their illness and taking medications from the doctor’s recommendation without questioning the reason behind or without applying an appropriate diet and lifestyle. The most common food allergies involve reactions to wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, shellfish or fish.
These substances do actually “leak” across the intestinal wall – hence the name “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Eating these foods on a rotated basis reduces your exposure to them and hopefully will help preserve your tolerance for them.
I finally got allergy tested yesterday, and upon trying to find solutions to my food allergies (um .. This is my year though, that I think I’ll do it (especially now that I am on a bone broth kick).
But I believe my gut issues stem from years ago when I had reocurring diarrhea and stomach aches.
The resulting condition allows food molecules to flow into the bloodstream that have not been completely broken down into the nutrients your body needs. Chronic diarrhea and constipation are signs of inflammation of the intestinal walls from Leaky Gut.
These proteins are no longer identifiable as food and the body attacks them as though they were pathogens.
Ron Hoggan’s latest book Cereal Killers and am so excited to read all about his take on the relation of leaky gut and auto-immune diseases. I am confident that it is all part of a reaction as a result of years with leaky gut from my Celiac Disease. As the cycle continues and perpetuates, this “leaky gut syndrome” begins to contribute to poor digestion, mal-absorption problems, and further food allergies.
Formation of these auto-antibodies due to leaking of intestinal contents can show how autoimmune diseases relate to food allergies and the leaky gut. All of these things add up to a host of symptoms with a myriad of explanations… all leading back to one thing: the constant river of foreign objects being allowed to enter your bloodstream. My Cyrex Labs array 3 and 4 showed leaky gut, gluten antibodies, cross reactivity to dairy and soy.
I feel I can attribute my issues to a leaky gut, because many with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) simply need more than diet modification + supplements to help them along.
I have IGg allergies to garlic, oats, eggs, ginger, pinto beans, kidney beans, yogurt, soy, coffee, chocolate, sesame, peanut…all the good stuff, probably due to leaky gut.
I look forward to introducing some of my IGg allergen foods back in the picture after I am done with a gut repair program.

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